What will I learn as a psychology student?

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The goals of psychology are to describe, explain, predict, and change behavior and mental processes.

As an undergraduate psychology student, your education will focus on four major themes:

  • Psychology as a science
  • Behavior as a function of person variables, environmental variables, and the interaction of person and environment
  • Psychology as it has evolved in a socio-historical context, and how its major theoretical perspectives reflect this phenomenon
  • Socio-cultural context as it influences how psychological concepts are understood and applied

IUPUI psychology specialties include: psychobiology of addictions, health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, severe mental illness, stereotyping and prejudice.

Combining academic interests in research

Deja Brown double majored in Psychology and Africana Studies in an effort to mesh her academic interests and her passion in her identity as someone within the African diaspora.

Recently she presented at a poster session to shed light on schizophrenia manifestation and perception within the whole African diaspora. She’s looked at individuals in Europe, America, Africa, and a multitude of other regions to see how schizophrenia is handled.

Learn more about Brown’s work

14%job growth expected until 2028—much faster than average

80%of psychology grads find employment related to their degree

$79,000median salary for psychologists