What will I learn as a neuroscience student?

The B.S. in Neuroscience offers an interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in biology, psychology, physics, chemistry, computer science, and mathematical sciences, with the nervous system as a common focus. You may pursue a concentration in behavioral, cellular/molecular, or computational neuroscience.

Research is an important part of the neuroscience curriculum. In fact, you can participate in faculty research activities as early as your freshman year. Your academic journey will also culminate in a capstone research experience.

Studying social hierarchy in monkeys

Monica Witcher, a biology and neuroscience student, completed a capstone research project that involved studying macaque monkeys at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Her goal was to help the zoo better understand the monkeys’ social hierarchy. To collect data, Witcher and other researchers picked a focal (one macaque) and then in 15-minute increments recorded interactions, grooming behaviors, and any notable activity. The data was used to create a sociogram, which is a webbed network that will reveal insights about the animals’ relationships. Ultimately that data will help the zoo better understand and provide care for the animals.

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44%of neuroscience grads enroll in advanced degree programs

88%of neuroscience grads find employment related to their degree

88%of grads work in Indiana

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