Career Fairs

STEM Career and Internship Fair

The STEM Career and Internship Fair is an ideal recruiting event for STEM majors at IUPUI for both full-time jobs and internships. The fair takes place in both the Fall and Spring semesters in partnership with the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Don’t miss these opportunities to engage with employers and find your next step.

If you are an employer, learn how to register for the fair.

Upcoming: Spring 2021 Fair

Date: February 19, 2021
Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Location: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair will be held virtually on the Career Fair Plus platform.
Student Registration: February 5th through February 18th (by 5pm)

Using Career Fair Plus

In preparation for the upcoming fair, please take the following steps:

  1. Download the Career Fair Plus app to your phone or tablet, for either iOS or Android. You may also access the web version of the app at
  2. In the app, navigate to the organization/school and the fair you are attending.
  3. Create a student profile and upload your resume. We highly recommend having your resume reviewed by scheduling an appointment with the PREPs office.
  4. Schedule video meetings with recruiters once the sign-up window opens. Spring 2021 employer schedules will be available starting February 5th and will close February 18th at 5pm. You can only sign-up for meeting slots in the mobile app. However, on the day of the fair you will be able to join the video meetings on the web version (recommended) or mobile app.
  5. Watch the following video for an overview of how to use Career Fair Plus as a student: Virtual Career Fair & Scheduling Overview

Virtual career fair tips

Before the fair

  • Review the list of employer attendees to familiarize yourself with the companies and opportunities for which they are recruiting.
  • Make a list of the companies you are interested in and do your research. Explore the company website, open positions, and the background of the organization.
  • Review your schedule (classes, work, meetings, etc.) to identify times you are able to sign-up for video meetings with recruiters.
  • Mark your calendar for when scheduling opens and secure timeslots with employers; do not wait until the last minute, many employers’ schedules will fill quickly.
  • Prepare or update your resume. Have it reviewed by the PREPs office. If you are able, upload your resume to the virtual career platform to share with employers.
  • Prepare questions for your video meetings; identify general questions that you may ask all companies as well as specific questions for each. Your company research can help you do this effectively.
  • Practice how you might professionally introduce yourself by using a brief elevator pitch.
  • Identify an ideal location for you to participate in the fair. Somewhere quiet, with limited distractions, and strong internet connection.

Day of and during the fair

  • Dress to impress. Although meetings are virtual, employers expect students to be dressed professionally.
  • Be aware of your eye contact, posture, and the positioning of your camera. Check out this quick video for camera set-up tips
  • Take notes during your discussions. Have paper, pen, and your questions in front of you. Ask the recruiter for their email to ensure you can follow-up.
  • Display interest, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude.

After the fair

  • Follow up! Email the recruiter to thank them for your meeting, include some brief details from your meeting, and tell them what steps you intend to take (i.e., apply for a job you discussed).
  • Connect with the recruiter/employer on LinkedIn and be sure to include a message about how you met.
  • Apply for positions!

For more career fair prep assistance, schedule an appointment with PREPs.