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Alexis, a senior studying forensics and chemistry. Learn about her experience as an out-of-state MSEP student.

Description of the video:

Hi, I’m Alexis, I’m a double major in forensic science and chemistry with a minor in psychology, and I’m originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I had been dead set on studying forensic science since I was probably 12 or 13 so I was looking at forensic science programs and wanted to be away from home but not too far and IUPUI was the closest accredited program for forensic science. There isn't a university in Wisconsin that offers a forensic science degree, the closest we get is a forensic science certificate, so I knew going into it that I was gonna have to go out of state. I had never been to Indiana before touring here and the minute I got here both my parents were like you’re smiling from ear to ear like this is the place for you. I instantly fell in love. MSEP played a huge role in my decision to come here just because MSEP is a midwestern exchange program, there are multiple states included but it is on a college-to-college basis, so the college has to accept the program. So not every college in Indiana did and not every college I looked at even if they were within the Midwest accepted the program. So coming here definitely gave me almost a 17 thousand dollar discount on tuition. It definitely made it more affordable and was a huge, huge help and determining factor of why I came here versus somewhere else.
Connor, a freshman studying biology. Learn about his experience in the first-year science apprenticeship program.

Description of the video:

Hi, my name is Connor Phutawon. I am a freshman here at IUPUI. I am majoring in biology, and I come from Northwest Indiana about two hours north. I want to go into pediatrics. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a doctor, like I’ve known since kindergarten I was like “I wanna be a doctor.” I’ve stuck with my plan, I’ve been working towards it, umm, I love children I just want to be able to help them out. And so I want to go into pediatrics, and I thought Riley’s was right here, so might as well come here too. During Orientation Live this year they talked about the FYSA program which is the First Year Science Apprenticeship program, and they talked about how it was a great experience to get into a lab, you would work as a freshman in a professor’s lab in the research they were doing, and I was like “This is a great opportunity to get exposed, get some lab experience” and learn more about science and if this is really what I wanna do. And I read about Dr. Jim Marrs’ lab with zebrafish, and I was like “Oh this sounds amazing.” He’s doing, umm, research on fetal alcohol syndrome, so we use zebrafish as a model. And basically we expose the zebrafish embryo to ethanol, and see if we can somehow fix fetal alcohol syndrome before it occurs. I love the things I’m learning, I love the people I’m working with, and I just, it’s showing me that I really love science.
Marissa, a double-major in biology and forensic and investigative sciences. Learn how the Honors College is helping her with her studies and pay for her schooling.

Description of the video:

hi i'm marissa i am a forensic science and biology double major and i'm from des plaines illinois which is a suburb of chicago i first found out about the honors college when one of the iupui representatives did a virtual visit at a college fair at my school i'm paying for college essentially on my own so getting all those scholarships was a really big deal for me and the honors college like getting the chance to get those like extra study experiences and like meeting new people through the honors college plus the scholarship on top of it made it really worth it for me to apply so far i've just done an honors contract which is taking a regular course that any person can take and just adding on like an extra project to it basically for this semester for my forensics class i'm doing a research paper on a field of forensic science which would be forensic engineering that we're not learning about in class but something that i'm interested in and so basically just doing extra research on that topic and writing a paper about it i would say definitely especially with the honors college coming to iupui is very worth it for you know the benefits you're getting out of it and also the price that you're paying.

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