Computer Science

What will I learn as a computer science student?

A computer science degree is not about mastering the latest software or the trendiest technology. It’s about graduating with knowledge and skills that you can build on for the rest of your life.

The science of computing is investigated from complex mathematical algorithms and through mnemonic code, translated to binary base and realized in real-world applications. In the Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI, applications of computer science range from biological and life sciences to software development—involving every aspect of life from homeland security to archiving cultural heritage. 

Here, you’ll develop and use innovative problem solving techniques to tackle the toughest technology challenges. You’ll enter the workplace armed with the technical proficiency, project management skills, communication expertise and high-level skills needed to develop working solutions for computing challenges into the future.

I’ve learned that it’s not so much about the programming as it is about the concepts we try to learn through programming, and that intellectual challenge to understand is what drove me. I’ve allowed myself to pursue different things and now I have so many paths to choose from.

Taylor Peavey, computer science student

77%of computer science grads find full-time employment

96%say their job is related to their degree

$86,320median salary for computer science careers