Forensic Science

What will I learn as a forensic science student?

Students at IUPUI can shoose between a concentration in Forensic Biology or Forensic Chemistry. There are many branches of forensic science because almost any science has some applications to public or criminal matters. To ensure you have the solid foundation you’ll need to succeed, we combine courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, along with criminal justice and law, enabling you to solve crimes and settle civil disputes.

It’s important to note that forensic science requires an ability to tolerate situations and scenes of crime and violence that are difficult to understand and accept. Loss of life and suffering are often involved in these cases, so a forensic scientist needs to have the ability to maintain perspective when working in terrible situations.

Because the forensics program requires such a strong background in chemistry and other science disciplines, I really feel like I have a lot of options where to take my career.

Kelsie Faulds, undergraduate in the Forensics and Investigative Sciences department

33%of forensic science grads pursue advanced degrees

75%of forensic science grads find employment related to their degree after graduation

80%of employed grads work in Indianapolis

$58,230median salary