Information for Faculty and Staff

Department representatives

  • Biology—Ben Perrin
  • Chemistry & Chemical Biology—Rob Minto
  • Computer & Information Science—Jiang Zheng
  • Earth Sciences—Greg Druschel
  • Mathematical Sciences—Leonid Rubchinsky
  • Physics—Andrew Gavrin
  • Psychology—Leslie Ashburn-Nardo

Dean's administration

  • Dean—John F. DiTusa
  • Associate Dean—Rajeev Raje
  • Associate Dean—Jiliang Li
  • Associate Dean—Jane Williams

Forms for faculty

  • Pre-award request form - for School of Science research investigators to request help with submitting a grant application.

Officers, 2021-2022

Tasha Gilson-Durham

Vice President
Betsy Cooney

Lindsay Heinzman


Remote work policy for staff