Peer Learning

Get your first year off to the right start

Our first year learning programs are designed to give you the knowledge, experience, and support you need to succeed in the School of Science.

Get a head start on college with a bridge program. Join a learning community. Take a seminar designed for first year students—or do all three!

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Learn with your peers

Sometimes, the best way to learn isn’t to listen to a professor—it’s to work alongside your peers. 

We provide a number of different ways you can do just that. Take a class taught by a fellow student. Get academic assistance from a peer. Or get experience teaching by leading a workshop or course. There are peer learning opportunities in almost every department in the school.

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Challenge yourself

If you want an even more rigorous academic journey, you can apply to join other students who share your drive in the science honors program.

Honors students can take advantage of advanced courses, special living opportunities, and more.

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