Information for current undergraduate students

IUPUI’s realignment: What it means for you

On July 1, 2024, IUPUI will begin its next chapter as two separate universities, Indiana University Indianapolis and Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Known as “the realignment,” this transformation will have special opportunities for you, our current School of Science students who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees. There will also be unique ways your undergraduate experience are impacted.

Our future with IU Indianapolis

Starting with the fall 2024 semester, IU will assume full responsibility for what is now the School of Science, except for our Department of Computer and Information Science, which will become part of Purdue.

What that means for you depends on your undergraduate program.

IU Indianapolis teach-out students

The bachelor’s degrees listed below are Purdue degree programs in the School of Science that will not transition to Purdue in Indianapolis. IU Indianapolis will assume full management of these degree programs. Students in these programs will become “IU Indianapolis teach-out students” and will use the same systems, engage with the same faculty, and follow the same degree requirements that they planned for when applying to IUPUI.

  • Biology, B.A., B.S.
  • Biology Teaching, B.A.
  • Biotechnology, B.S.
  • Chemistry, B.A., B.S.Ch.
  • Chemistry Teaching, B.A.
  • Forensic & Investigative Sciences, B.S.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.
  • Mathematics, B.S.
  • Mathematics Teaching, B.S.
  • Neuroscience, B.S.
  • Physics, B.S.
  • Physics Teaching, B.S.
  • Psychology, B.A., B.S.

Students in these programs may continue to earn their Purdue degree, or they can select an IU degree. Regardless of their choice, they will be an IU Indianapolis student.

IU Indianapolis students

The below bachelor’s degrees are currently IU degrees and will stay that way. Students in these programs will be IU Indianapolis students.

  • Environmental Science, B.S.E.S.
  • Geology, B.A., B.S.
  • Actuarial Science-Online, B.S.
  • Applied Statistics-Online, B.S.

Purdue in Indianapolis teach-out students

The below bachelor’s degrees and certificates are currently Purdue degrees and certificates and will stay that way. Students in these programs will become Purdue in Indianapolis students and will be known as “Purdue in Indianapolis teach-out students.” They will finish their degree requirements through Purdue as of the fall 2024 semester.

  • Applied Computer Science, B.A.
  • Applied Computer Science, Certificate
  • Artificial Intelligence, B.S.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Certificate
  • Computer Science, B.S.
  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics, Certificate

Note: The Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering is launching new computer sciences programs at IU Indianapolis. Undergraduate students in the computer science programs moving to Purdue in Indianapolis may talk with a Luddy advisor about the option of switching to the IU computer science degree program.

IU Indianapolis teach-out students: The option for an IU degree

IU Indianapolis teach-out students will have the ability to earn an IU science degree right here in Indianapolis—as our current undergraduate students, you will be the trailblazers, the first ones to realize those benefits.

What will be the difference to my student experience?

No matter which degree you choose, you will be considered an IU Indianapolis student, will be taught by IU Indianapolis faculty, and will benefit from full access to all IU Indianapolis opportunities and services—including renovations of our research labs, some of which will be completed before the fall 2024 semester begins.

There will be only a few notable differences to your undergraduate student experience:

IU degree
  • Your diploma will say IU and include your major. The diploma cover will be crimson.
  • You will not be required to complete the Purdue civics literacy requirement.
  • Graduating with distinction will follow IU requirements.
  • Your graduation will be celebrated at the IU Indianapolis Commencement ceremony.
Purdue degree
  • Your diploma will say Purdue, and the diploma case will be black. Your major will be listed on your transcript, not your diploma (except for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, which lists the major on the diploma).
  • If you were admitted during fall 2022 or later, you will be required to complete the Purdue civics literacy requirement.
  • Graduating with distinction will follow Purdue requirements.
  • Your graduation will be celebrated at the Purdue West Lafayette Commencement ceremony.


What are the benefits of an IU science degree?

With an IU science degree, you’ll be ready to take on whatever your future has in store. Consider these benefits:

  • You’ll gain access to a network of nearly 775,000 IU alumni, the largest alumni community of any Indiana institution and one of the largest in the world.
  • With our nationally ranked and recognized programs, employers like Eli Lilly, IU Health, LabCorp, and Johnson & Johnson look to hire IU graduates.
  • IU life sciences graduates interested in going into the medical field benefit from the chance to stay within the IU system and attend the IU School of Medicine, the largest medical school in the United States known for its innovative approach to high-quality medical education and research.


Additional details for IU Indianapolis teach-out students

Only IU Indianapolis teach-out students, or students in the programs listed above, will have the choice of degree for that program.

No. Students eligible to choose an IU or Purdue degree will all be a part of IU Indianapolis, regardless of which degree they choose.

In many ways, it is not different. You can still earn that same Purdue degree, take classes with the same faculty, learn at the same campus, and participate in the same opportunities. You will just be an IU Indianapolis student earning a Purdue degree rather than an IUPUI student earning a Purdue degree. Unlike previously, however, you can choose to earn an IU degree instead. If you choose an IU degree, the only differences will be those noted above.

November 29, 2024

This process is still being developed and will be announced during the fall 2024 semester. Watch your email for more details, and make sure to keep in touch with your academic advisor.

November 29, 2024, is the final deadline for selecting an IU or Purdue degree. If you chose the IU degree option but want a Purdue degree after that date, you would need to apply for admission to Purdue as a transfer student. If you choose the Purdue degree option but want an IU degree after that date, you will follow the IU Indianapolis process for changing your major into another IU degree program; you will not need to reapply for admission to IU Indianapolis. Though no changes are anticipated, any change in curriculum after the November deadline may impact the timing of your degree completion.

The teach-out period is the duration of time in which students in realigned academic programs may finish the program they started under the original expectations of that program. The teach-out period lasts from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2027.

Yes. Those choosing a Purdue degree will be expected to maintain continuous enrollment through each fall and spring semester and complete all degree requirements by June 30, 2027.

Teach-out students who do not complete their degree requirements in a timely manner will be managed on a case-by-case basis. They may also follow the IU Indianapolis process for changing their major to another IU degree program. Any change in curriculum after November 29, 2024, may impact the timing of your degree completion.

Students choosing an IU degree will be supported by IU Indianapolis advisors in meeting their degree requirements on the timeline best suited to the student’s individual situation.

The commencement ceremony you are eligible to participate in will depend on the degree you choose. Students who choose an IU degree will be invited to participate in the IU Indianapolis Commencement. Students who choose a Purdue degree will be invited to participate in the Purdue West Lafayette Commencement.

Yes. You will be an IU Indianapolis student regardless of which degree you choose and can continue to be a part of the IU Indianapolis Honors College.

Steps to take

No matter your program, review what you can do to stay on track through the realignment.


  • Check the Program section in your Student Center to make sure any listed majors, minors, and certificates match your intended plans. If needed, update your record to make sure you receive all the communications and advising support you need.
  • Connect with your advisor to be sure you stay on track with your academic goals. If you have questions about what’s happening to your program, your advisor can help clarify.
  • If you are in a program that will become part of Purdue in Indianapolis, watch for emails from Purdue about your program.


  • If you are an IU Indianapolis teach-out student, choose your degree by November 29, 2024.
  • If you are in a program that will become part of Purdue in Indianapolis, connect with a Purdue advisor for support with that program.


  • If you are a teach-out student who chose a Purdue degree, graduate by July 1, 2027.