Samuel C. Nyarko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

SL 118K
(317) 278-0122
Research Areas:
Earth Sciences Education


  • Nature of Geoscience
  • Teamwork Process Skills
  • Inclusion
  • Climate Change Education in Africa

Sammy uses mixed methods of research to explore theoretical and practical ideas for improving students’ geoscience learning, interest, and workforce development. He studies how we can use geo-history to foster the teaching and learning of the nature of geoscience and diversity, equity, and inclusion. He also study students' collaborative skills development in the areas of teamwork and team learning to prepare students for the geoscience workforce. Sammy is active in climate change conceptions research among preservice teachers and undergraduate students in Africa. Sammy is an associate editor for the Journal of Geoscience Education and past chair of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.


  • Ph.D. (Science Education - Geoscience) - Western Michigan University
  • M. Phil. (Geology) - University of Ghana
  • B.S. (Geological Engineering) - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology


Recent publications

Maric, D., Fore, G. A., Nyarko, S. C., & Varma-Nelson, P. (2023). Measurement in STEM education research: a systematic literature review of trends in the psychometric evidence of scales. International Journal of STEM Education10(1), 39.

Nyarko, S. C., Fore, G. A., & Licht, K. (2023). The role of ethical care in the geosciences: examining the perspectives of geoscience undergraduates. Journal of Geoscience Education, 1-13.

Nyarko, S. C., & Petcovic, H. L. (2023). Essential teamwork skills: Perspectives of environmental geoscience employers. Journal of Geoscience Education71(1), 20-32.

Nyarko, S. C., & Petcovic, H. L. (2023). Do students develop teamwork skills during geoscience fieldwork? A case study of a hydrogeology field course. Journal of Geoscience Education71(2), 145-157.

Nyarko, S. C., & Rudge, D. W. (2022). Using the history of plate tectonics to teach the nature of science. International Journal of Science Education44(12), 1958-1977.

Nyarko, S. C., & Petcovic, H. L. (2021). Ghanaian preservice science teachers’ knowledge of ozone depletion and climate change, and sources of their knowledge. International Journal of Science Education43(10), 1554-1575.

Fortner, S., Manduca, C., Ali, H., Saup, C. M., Nyarko, S. C., Othus-Gault, S., Perera, V., Tong, V. C. H., Gold, A., Furman, T., et al. (2022). Geoscience Education Perspectives on Integrated, Coordinated, Open, Networked (ICON) Science. Earth and Space Science Open Archive, 1-13

Petcovic, H. L., McNeal, P. M., Nyarko, S. C., & Doorlag, M. H. (2020). “How did you learn to map?” A model for describing influential learning experiences in geologic mapping. Journal of Geoscience Education68(3), 220-236.