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Your dedication and involvement make the School of Science an engaging and rewarding academic community!

Science Resources

We support our Science faculty and staff with internal resources for successful department collaboration, professional development and marketing resources for each Science department and program.

The IUPUI School of Science resource page is a centralized location where Science faculty and staff can reference school-specific internal resources. Important marketing department resources for department letterhead, brochures, news and event planning are also below.

Find what your looking for from Fall Convocation slides, advisor and career resources to emergency and evacuation instructions, equipment loans, degree maps and department letterhead.

Academic Policies & Procedures

School of Science Academic Regulations

School of Science Academic Standing

Academic Calendar

IU Public Safety Policy for Programs Involving Children for Credit-Bearing Service Learning Courses

Related Resources

Change of Grade Petition

Contact Molly Rondeau or the IUPUI Office of the Registrar for information about the Change of Grade Petition process.

The form needed is available on the Office of the Registrar website: http://registrar.iupui.edu/grdfrm.html

First Year Experience Courses

All incoming freshmen must select a freshmen experience for the fall semester:

First Year Experience Course: Students at IUPUI take a first year experience course to ease the transition into college. Within the School of Science they might take our "Windows on Science" first year experience course during their first semester.

Or they might opt for the next level of commitment and reward and do the Summer Bridge version of the windows course or join a Themed Learning Community: 

Summer Bridge: This option entails beginning the Windows course two weeks prior to the start of the Fall semester. In those two weeks, students begin to cover some of the typical Windows course content, but students also receive intensive refreshers on Math, primers on college-level reading and writing. Learn more.

Themed Learning Communities: The third option, which provides the most support to incoming students, is to enroll in a Themed Learning Community.  Typically, a TLC involves the same students enrolling in first year experience course plus an intro-level course in the major plus a related general education course from another discipline. The instructional team in a TLC works to weave the chosen theme through the assignments and topics covered in all three courses. Learn more.

FLAGS Early Warning System

Faculty are asked to submit FLAGS performance rosters.

Diana Sims-Harris, Diretcor of Student Affairs in the School of Science Dean's Office, works with the Academic Advisors to intervene in the cases where Science majors receive FLAGS of concern.

More information

IUPUI Campus Bulletin

IUPUI Campus Bulletin
Changes to the bulletin?

Contact either Molly Rondeau or Joseph Thompson in the School of Science Dean's Office.


Visit the School of Science website for school-based scholarships and the IUPUI campus website for other programs. 

Questions? Contact Molly Rondeau or Joseph Thompson.

Science Dean's List & Scholar's List

The School of Science recognizes exceptional academic performance in baccalaureate and associate degree programs before graduation from the university by periodically publishing the Science Scholars List and the Dean's Honor List.


Dean's Honor List eligibility includes:

  • Full-time enrolled student (12 or more credit hours) who has a semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher.
  • Part-time enrolled student (between 5 and 11 credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher.

Science Scholars List eligibility includes:

  • Full-time enrolled student (between 12 or more credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 or higher.
  • Part-time enrolled student (between 5 and 11 credit hours) who has completed at least 26 credit hours of course work at IUPUI and who has a semester and IU cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 or higher.


Courses assigned a deferred grade (R) will count toward the 12 credit hour minimum required of full-time students. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis will not count toward the 12 credit hour minimum. Students who received an Incomplete (I) will not be placed on the Science Scholars List or the Dean's Honor List. No Science Scholars List or Dean's Honor List is published for the summer sessions.

Service Indicators

To release a Service Indicator for Academic Advising or Academic Warning, contact either Darryl Newsom or Molly Rondeau.

Student Orientation

More information

Contact: Diana Sims-Harris, Director of Student Affairs

Student Records Systems Access (SIS, AdRx, TES, etc.)

To request security to access student records, AdRx advising notes, and other related systems, contact Joseph Thompson.

More information:

Access, Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Records

FERPA Tutorial

Teaching Resources

IUPUI Academic Affairs

IUPUI Academic Policies

IUPUI Center for Teaching & Learning

Academic Affairs Forum

IUPUI has a 3-year agreement with the Education Advisory Board that enables members of the campus community to access its Academic Affairs Forum.  The Academic Affairs Forum provides expert advice and innovative strategies and practices--tested and proven to work by peers at other universities across the country--for tackling their most pressing issues.  The information available through this resource may be very helpful to all who are engaged in strategic planning and exploring best practices research. Please share this information with your colleagues.

To register:

  • Step #1: Go to eab com/Members/Register and start by entering your location.
  • Step #2: Select Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis from the dropdown box.
  • Step #3: Enter your personal information in the boxes provided.
    Note: You must use your IUPUI email address.
  • Step #4: EAB will email you a confirmation code and instructions; please input your code to complete the user account creation process.

For more information and/or assistance with the Academic Affairs Forum, please contact Christine Fitzpatrick (cfitzpat@iupui.edu).

Academic & Student Affairs Staff

Darryl Newsom

Administrative Recorder
(317) 274-0684 | danewsom@iupui.edu
Darryl maintains student records and serves as a resource to students, staff and faculty concerning questions about undergraduate admissions, enrollment, graduation, and student services. He reviews intercampus transfer credit and external transfer credit for newly admitted students to verify whether courses can satisfy degree requirements or if the course requires department review and approval. Darryl also processes exceptions for individual students in the School of Science Academic Advising Reports (AAR). He also certifies student athletes.

Molly Rondeau
Academic Affairs Coordinator
(317) 274-0672 | mrondeau@iupui.edu

Molly provides statistical data for departments utilizing the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) reporting tool and the Information Management and Institutional Research (IMIR) website. She assists in coding updates in School of Science Academic Advising Reports (AAR) and processes exceptions for individual students in the AAR and processing of undergraduate and graduate New Course and Course Change requests utilizing the IU Course Approval, Remonstrance, Maintenance and Integration (CARMin) system. Molly is responsible for the processing of grade changes, grade replacements, change of repeat rules, special credit, late drop/add requests, time conflict requests, and course overload requests through the Office of the Registrar. She is also the School of Science contact with the Office of the Registrar for the completion of Purdue and Consortium grade rosters each semester. Molly manages the Change of Grade Petition process for the school. She is responsible for the Schedule of Classes processes for the CAND and SCI-I courses offered by the School of Science. She is responsible for processing changes and additions to student advisor assignments in the Student Information System (SIS). She assists in the management of service indicators on student records, scholarship awards and student diploma distribution. Molly works with updates and revisions to the School of Science portion of the IUPUI Campus Bulletin.

Diana Sims-Harris
Director, Student Affairs
(317) 274-0637 | dsimshar@iupui.edu
Joseph L. Thompson
Executive Director of Academic and Student Affairs
(317) 274-0626 | jlthomp@iupui.edu

Joseph interprets, implements, enforces and generally administers School and university undergraduate and graduate academic policies for students, faculty and administrative personnel.  He evaluates, determines eligibility for and makes discretionary decisions on student requests for exceptions to established School and University requirements. He provides guidance for advisors who work with students in academic difficulty or with special problems affecting their academic progress. He  resolves problems concerning undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, certification, and School regulations. Joseph advises the Undergraduate Student Council and the Graduate Student Council. He manages the student organization budget, including authorizing income and expenditures from student activity fees. He coordinates academic advising in the School's departments and degree programs, ensuring quality support services are maintained for students and academic policies and procedures are followed. He manages security access for faculty and staff to the Student Information System (SIS). He ensures the School's compliance with state and federal regulations, particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), regarding the use and release of student information. He oversees the processing of undergraduate and graduate New Course and Course Change requests utilizing the IU Course Approval, Remonstrance, Maintenance and Integration (CARMin) system, as well as Purdue University Form40 and Form40G course paperwork.He oversees all processes regarding grade changes, including approving grade change petitions as recommended by course instructors, authenticating and authorizing faculty requests, and monitoring grading procedures. He oversees that grades are electronically entered correctly and on time; he informs faculty when there is a discrepancy with their course. He administers the on-line grade change process and approves electronic grade changes for the School.  He oversees the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the School's electronic audit, the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). He is responsible for school-level management, implementation, and testing of system upgrades, patches, and other SIS changes. He serves as the school technical resource regarding registration, waitlist, and academic scheduling activities to prescribe change. He maintains a broad understanding of the interrelated business processes in student administration, ensuring system upgrades properly reflect School policy. Joseph is the account manager and supervisor of scholarships. He authorizes and administers financial aspects of all school-level student scholarships and awards in School accounts and School Foundation accounts. He manages and administers scholarships programs, including coordination of recruitment efforts and selection processes, disbursement of funds, and administrative and curricular compliance with scholarship criteria. In situations involving academic misconduct, He serves as the Dean's designee with authority to represent the School as appropriate. He serves as the primary contact for students appealing charges and/or sanctions for misconduct and for faculty members and chairpersons; he informs students (and their parents) and faculty on what constitutes misconduct; he informs faculty of procedures and their potential legal implications. Joseph works with the Associate Deans to mediate among students, faculty and department chair, and convene cases of appeal of charges of or sanctions for misconduct.

Strategic Planning

School of Science 2014-2019
IUPUI Strategic Planning Website & Resources

Emergency Assistance & Safety Guidelines

Emergency Assistance

To summon immediate assistance,  to report an accident, serious injury or crime in progress, call:

  • Fire,  Police, Ambulance............ 911
  • (317) 274-7911 from IUPUI building phones connects to IUPD*

*Add the IU Emergency number into your cell phone and have it near your computer - the number is (317)274-7911. This number will reach someone on campus who is more familiar with buildings and parking lots than placing a call through 911, which is taken by an Indianapolis Police Department dispatcher.

Safety Guidelines

If you see something suspicious, use your best judgment and communicate to IU Police.

Escorts: The university provides safety escorts twenty-four hours a day. These are available by calling 274-SAFE (274-7233). Between 6:00 p.m. and midnight, a special vehicle is provided for this service by Parking Services. At all other times IUPUI police and security officers provide escorts on foot and by vehicle for persons concerned about their personal safety.

Active Shooter: Visit the Protect.iu.edu page to learn about active shooter scenarios and review the "Run, Hide, Fight" procedure. If you have any specific questions or need clarification, you can email our building coordinator Angel Campbell at or contact Carlos Garcia on the IUPUI campus.

Thefts & Break-ins

All thefts or suspected break-ins, no matter how minor, should be reported to the Campus Police.  The general number is 4-7911.  This is the best way to minimize thefts since the Campus Police can note trends and step-up vigilance appropriately.  Also, thefts will be monitored by the Dean's office please report all thefts to Angel Campbell (4-0631).

Evacuation Instructions


Stay alert! - Orders issued during an emergency may modify these instructions.
Building Emergency Action Plan (PDF)

General Evacuation Guidelines 

Leave your building immediately when an alarm sounds or if you are instructed to do so by authorized emergency personnel; this is required by Indiana law.

  • Turn off equipment.
  • Secure hazardous operations if possible.
  • If you are in a laboratory equipped with a fume hood and/or a biosafety cabinet, close hoods and sashes.
  • Notify others on your way out.
  • Close doors behind the last person out.
  • Walk quickly to the nearest safe exit, or follow instructions of floor warden(s).
  • Do not use elevators unless authorized emergency personnel direct you to do so.
  • Report any missing or trapped persons to authorized emergency personnel.
  • Move away from the building and go to your evacuation meeting site.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized emergency personnel give the "all clear" signal.

If You Cannot Evacuate (because of disability, injury, or obstruction):

  • Go to the Place of Refuge or the nearest area where there are no hazards.
  • Notify the IU Police Department on your campus at 911 (9-911 will work as well from on-campus).
  • Signal out the window to emergency responders if possible.
  • Remain calm, responders will arrive.

Persons with Disabilities
Persons who may require assistance to evacuate a building must be provided that assistance by those trained to do so, if possible. Persons in wheel chairs should not use the elevator unless instructed to do so by the fire department. These individuals must be protected in a safe place while awaiting rescue by the fire department. They should normally be safe in a designated Place of Refuge or an interior room near the stairwell if a Room of Refuge is not designated. If an alternate stairway is available it should be used in this event. Persons with disabilities as well as others who plan to assist them should be familiar with the Emergency Evacuation Action Plan.

Notify Responders: The location of all persons who remain in a building should be relayed to responding emergency personnel.

Weather Emergency Evacuations - to Lower Level
  1. Take SL and LD building stairs to Lower Level as quickly and safely as possible.
    • Do not use elevators.
    • Stay away from windows and exterior doors. 
  2. As you evacuate, direct science visitors to immediately cease all work and follow you to Lower Level.  (Basement and interior hallways on the lower floor and small interior rooms on the lower floors offer best shelter).
  3. Remain on lower level until notified that weather emergency has passed. 
  4. After weather emergency, leave building if it is badly damaged. 
    • Do not attempt to turn utilities or equipment on or off. 
    • Do not return unless directed to do so by police. 
  5. Report injuries and damage to:
    1. 911 (IUPUI Public Safety Dispatch Center).
    2. 278-1900 (Campus Facility Services).
    3. Dean' School of Science 274-0631
Weather Emergency Evacuations - SELB Building

Building Occupants take the SELB stairs to the lower level to the East side Hallway. Do NOT use elevators.

Other Emergency Evacuations - to Outside Building
  1.  Exit building as quickly and safely as possible.
    • Close all doors behind you as you leave - do not take time to lock or unlock them.
    • Use nearest stairs.  Consult posted floor plans.
    • Do not use elevators unless directed to do so by fire department.
    • If you encounter smoke, stay as low to the ground as possible.
    • If unable to exit building, see instructions below**.
  2. As you exit, direct science visitors to:
    • Immediately cease all work.
    • Move to a safe distance from the building.
    • Stay off sidewalks and driveways that might serve as access routes for emergency personnel. 
  3. Report the identity and location of anyone you know to be trapped in the building to your floor or building warden or to the first emergency responders. 
**Unable to Exit Building
  1. Go to a safe room and close door. 
  2. Attempt to notify others of your presence. 
    1. Call 911.
    2. Signal for help via exterior windows without opening them
      • Write room number and number of persons trapped on window or write a large "X" that covers entire surface of glass.
      • Markers or lipstick may work for this. 
    3. Also write on outside of door to room. 
  3. Place something at bottom of door to slow entry of smoke into room. 
    • Use wet cloth items if possible. 
    • Do not open windows - it will draw smoke and fire into room more quickly. 
  4. If smoke enters, stay as low and as far away from point of entry as possible. 
Posting Evacuation Route Maps: throughout the SL/LD building in visible locations

As a general  rule, all building personnel should be able to identify two (2) evacuation routes from the building.  The evacuation maps will contain:

  • Emergency and accessible exits
  • Clearly marked routes of evacuation
  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm/ pull station locations
  • Areas designated as safe locations for tornado sheltering
  • Areas of rescue assistance-  locations designated for persons with access and functional needs 
Notification of Emergency Warning

In the event of emergency  or disaster, warning to building personnel  may come from a variety of different sources, which includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • IU-Notify
  • Campus/Commercial Radio or Television
  • NOAA-All Hazards radios
  • Building smoke detection or sprinkler system
  • Outdoor warning sirens
  • Indiana University Police Department (IUPD)
  • Internet
  • Social Media

Facility Services

Science Buildings (LD, SL, SELB)

For help with general building repair or renovation, contact Angel Campbell at 274-0631 or acampbel@iupui.edu.

For emergency building repairs, contact Angel. If she is not available, please leave a message concerning the problem, then contact Campus Facility Services (CFS) at 278-1900.

Building Hours


  • Monday - Thursday: 7 AM - 10 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8 AM - 10 PM

SETI (SELB)       

  • Monday-Friday: 7 AM - 9 PM
  • Closed on weekends

Holidays: Buildings are locked.  You must have a key or key card to enter the buildings.  Holidays include days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.  If a holiday such as Christmas falls on a weekend, that day is treated as a holiday. If you have a compelling reason to change the building hours on a temporary basis you must make this request through Angel Campbell (4-0631 acampbel@iupui.edu), not through the Campus Police.  Campus Police will not grant these requests except through the Dean's Office.

Key & Key Card Requests

Submit key requests to Angel Campbell at acampbel@iupui.edu. Prox Cards must  be approved by your department to access the SELB building. The university requires that requestor picks up new keys at the University Police Office. Lost, misplaced or requests for locksmith should be directed to the Key Shop: 274-7289.

Painting, Bulletin Board, Art Work, Renovations, etc.

Always consult Angel Campbell (4-0631) before painting any room or university fixture. Do not perform any renovations, including painting, by yourself. If you paint or renovate it is likely that Campus Facilities will redo your work and charge you for it. Do not mount art work in the hallways yourself. CFS will mount artwork in the hallways for you if you have the 1 Dean's Office permission. The Dean's Office will almost always permit material. You may mount artwork in your own offices or office suites but must repair damages when you move out. Note that departments are responsible for painting and renovation in their own space. Departments may mount bulletin boards and cases which conform to building standards (see below) at their own expense with the permission of the Dean's Office. To do this contact Angel Campbell who will seek approval of CFS and work with you to order the appropriate material

Note: The School of Science Dean's office must approve all renovations within  the SL, LD and SELB buildings. Departments are required to complete a Campus Facility Service Request for Service Form and submit to Angel Campbell for approval.

The following principles apply when thinking about building decoration or renovation:

  1. Neither the School of Science nor the departments in the school own the hallway space or have responsibility for maintenance of the hallway space.  This space is the responsibility of Campus Facility Services (CFS).
  2. CFS and the Architect's Office specify what materials may be placed in the hallways permanently.  Fire codes and building standards established when the building is first equipped govern this.
  3. CFS and the Architect's Office set standards for what may be put permanently into hallways of buildings.  This means that bulletin boards and display cases must conform to a standard

No flyers, signs or posters may be taped or hung on walls and windows, or other unauthorized areas.  Improperly posting materials will be removed.

Reporting Maintenance and Repairs, Heating and Cooling Problems

All such problems should be reported directly to Zone Maintenance at Communication and Customer Service Center 278-1900, not to the Dean's Office.  This will expedite follow-up on the part of Campus Facilities.  Report problems to Angel Campbelll (4-0631 ) that are not adequately handled by Zone Maintenance or Building Services.

Departments are responsible for their own specific or special facilities. They must repair and maintain carpets and floor (except for cleaning and waxing), laboratory equipment, and other special built-in equipment such as growth chambers.

Housekeeping Problems

If your department has housekeeping concerns or problems relating to classroom maintenance (chalk, lecterns, lights, and broken chairs, for example) they should be referred to the Communication and Customer Service Center 278-1900.

Good workspace tidiness will be the responsibility of ALL employees.

  • Waste materials are to discarded in the proper place.
  • Heat producing  equipment shall be maintained in good working order and kept at a minimum 36 inches from any combustible items
  • All aisles and exits will be kept clear of boxes, equipment, personnel belongings and other materials.
  • Access to fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations, and AEDs will be kept clear.
  • Each supervisor will ensure their employees have the appropriate level of training as required to handle, store and maintain hazardous materials.
Service Animals

Only service or therapy animals are permitted in the Science buildings (SL, LD, SELB). No other animals or personal pets are permitted in Science buildings at any time.

Smoking Policy-Tobacco Free Policy

In accordance with IUPUI campus policy effective August 14, 2006, the use and sale of any tobacco product-cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and snuff- will be prohibited on IUPUI owned, operated and /or leased property.  

Complaints regarding violations of the policy should be referred to the appropriate administrative office:  for faculty the Office of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Documentation; for staff, Human Resources Administration; or the students, the Office of the Dean of Students.

IUPUI Campus Facilities Services Website

Fiscal Affairs

Ordering Food & Beverages | Hospitality Policy

If the meeting complies with the Hospitality guidelines you should contact Crystal to find out if funds are available- prior to making the purchase. Learn more.

Tracking Income & Expenditures

Contact Crystal for help figuring out what happened and why, how to correct an error, or how to monitor your account.


Each account type has different regulations and policies that govern its creation and use. Crystal can help sort out those details.

Human Resources

Attendance Policy (Dean's Office Staff)

Staff who will be absent from work should notify their supervisor and Jeannette Jefferson at jajeffer@iupui.edu or 317-274-0632 prior to 9:00 am. She sends a daily attendance report via email to all staff.

Employee Handbooks
IU Online Faculty/Staff Directory
IUPUI Human Resources Administration Office
Working from Home Policy (School of Science)

Working at home is not to be a regular activity for School of Science staff unless formally part of the job description or hiring arrangement. On specific occasions for valid reasons (such as health concerns, weather, etc.), staff may work from home if they have obtained prior approval to do so from their supervisor. If working at home is to be a regular occurrence then prior approval must be obtained from the supervisor and the Dean's office and the appropriate HR paperwork must be completed.

Campus Calendars

Important Information Technology reminders

Below is a summary of important information about policies and procedures that apply to you. Please take the time to read through them in order to protect your privacy/identity, IUPUI and School of Science information. Questions? Email the School of Science IT group.

  • School of Science Data Security Policy
  • Identity Finder and Critical Data on your Computers
  • Your responsibilities on Personally owned devices including smartphones
  • DUO and two factor authentication
  • Email digital signatures
  • Reporting a data security incident
Identity Finder and Critical Data on your Computers

Data including Social Security numbers, Credit Card numbers, Bank Account numbers or passwords should not be stored on your computer. Identity finder is a tool that can be used to scan your computer for Critical data so that you can locate the data and remove it. Identity Finder should be installed on all office computers and should be run twice per year to be sure you do not have any vulnerable data. You can also download identity finder from iuware.iu.edu to install on your home computer. 

Your responsibilities on Personally owned devices including smartphones

Any device used to access IU data, which includes email, is subject to IU policies and procedures, even if the device is a personally owned phone, tablet or computer. Devices must have a minimum of a 4 character password with at least 2 unique characters. It should be set to autolock after 15 minutes and lock after failed password attempts. Encryption should be used if available. If it is used to access critical data it must be encrypted. If encryption is not available then the device should not be used to access or store this type of data.

Duo and two factor authentication

After a dramatic increase in phishing attempts and other attempted security breaches, IU has implemented tighter security to protect critical systems such as payroll. Two factor authentication, which requires a code generated from a hardware device (such as your smartphone) in addition to your password, is now required to access your W2, W4, Direct Deposit, and other employee data. As of September 1st, two factor authentication is also required for IUIE. The two factor authentication system utilized by IU is call DUO. In the near future IU plans on requiring DUO authentication on all systems that currently use CAS authentication. Enroll in DUO or learn more about the 2-step login for all CAS logins

Email digital signatures

A digital signature is an electronic signature that verifies that an email message originated from the signer and that it has not been altered. It ensures that a message you're reading has not been changed since it was digitally signed, and that the message was not "spoofed" (sent by an imposter) If you are reading this email with Microsoft Outlook you should see a red ribbon icon [cid:image001.jpg@01D2045D.C98CE750] which indicates the message is signed and is actually sent by me. Other email clients may indicate the signature differently. The Dean has also subscribed to this service so you can trust that any message with the digital signature notification is actually coming from him. If you would like to have your messages signed with a digital signature.

Reporting a data security incident

Any incident that may involve the loss or disclosure of University or Student data must be reported to the IU IT security office. Examples of incidents may include: loss of a laptop (personal or university owned), suspected unauthorized access of a computer, accidental disclosure of information via email or web site or file share or compromise of your IU account. If you suspect any type of security incident, contact the School of Science IT group immediately and they will help you report the incident to the IU IT security office. The IU security office can be contacted directly at protect.iu.edu or 812-855-8475 or after hours 812-855-6789.

Resource guide for data-informed decision making at IUPUI

Link/Program Owner
Academic Affairs Forum Research Reports - Education Advisory Board (EAB) Unlimited access to original research, market intelligence, customized benchmarking, and forecasting tools, implementation toolkits, and other resources related to a range of topics (e.g., student success, faculty affairs, research, globalization)

Open to all faculty and staff at IUPUI. Must register at EAB website and create account in order to gain full access to research briefs.

Contact: Karen Lee, Office of Academic Affairs

Academic Analytics Provides data on primary areas of scholarly achievement represented in research-intensive programs. Campus leaders can use data and tools to analyze programs, departments and schools in order to make strategic decisions, benchmark scholarly research activity and support program review. Also may be useful for identifying external reviewers and nominating faculty for awards.

Academic Analytics

Note: Chairs and Deans must complete a series of training modules to gain full access to database.

Contact: Alicia Gahimer, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Activity Insight (Digital Measures) IN TRANSITION: Activity Insight will replace the "FAR" (Faculty Annual Report) in Fall 2016. Activity Insight (produced by Digital Measures) will enable faculty to more efficiently report on their annual activities, while enabling administrators to organize, manage and report on faculty activities.

Faculty affairs, activity insight

Contact: Margie Ferguson, Office of Academic Affairs

Budget Reporting Provides financial information on budget and financials for the current budget year as well as historical financial information.

Summary data for financial planning

Contact: Kevin Walsh, Budget Office

Career Opportunities and Outcomes (IUPUI Talent and First Destination Survey) The IUPUI Talent Job Board (Symplicity) is the central portal through which employers register and post part-time, internship, and full-time opportunities that can be view by almost all IUPUI students. Reports are available on employer interest by school and industry. The First Destination Survey annually reach at least 40% of that year's graduates to ascertain their post-graduation employment and education plans. Reports available by school and major provide important return on investment insights.

IUPUI Career services

Contact: Matt Rust, Office of Campus Career and Advising Services

Course/Class Enrollment ReportingIUPUI Provides enrollment reports for campus leaders to gauge whether numbers of seats in classes (or numbers of sections of courses offered) might be adjusted to meet student demand. Reports are updated weekly.

Enrollment reporting

Contact: Mary Beth Myers, Registrar

EAB (Educational Advisory Board) Student Success Dashboard IU has invested in EAB's "Student Success Dashboard" to provide academic advisors with predictive analytic data to help reach out to students who may be at risk due to not completing "critical courses" on time or with sufficiently high grades. Institutional data are available to let chairs and deans know the relative proportions of enrolled students who are on-track, at-risk, or in need of support.


Contact: Matt Rust, Office of Campus Career and Advising Services 

Institutional Research and Decision Support Provides a wide range of static presentations and reports as well as interactive "student analytic reports" and dashboards that can help to inform campus leaders' decisions.

Institutional Research and Decision Support

Contact: Michele Hansen, IRDS

IUPUI Data Link Provides interactive and visual information regarding various metrics aligned with the IUPUI Campus Strategic Plan

IUPUI Date Link

Contact: Michele Hansen

IUPUI Point-inCycle Enrollment Management Tool Web-based system for tracking the status of IUPUI admissions and enrollment for upcoming semesters. Reports are updated each week during active admissions and registration cycles to show how the campus and each school is progressing relative to prior years at the same point in time.

IUPUI Point-inCycle

Contact: Norma Fewell

PIVOT - Community of Science Searchable database of external research funding opportunities and IUPUI faculty expertise.


Contact: Alicia Gahimer, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

 UIRR Produces official university reports on admissions, enrollment, retention, graduation rates, degree completions, and financial aid for Indiana University and all its campuses.


Contact: uirr@indiana.edu

Science Faculty Assembly & IUPUI Faculty Council

School of Science Faculty Council

The Science Faculty Council convenes once each semester to address issues and policies relevant to the School of Science Faculty.

IUPUI Faculty Council

In addition to the School of Science Faculty Council, the IUPUI Staff Council acts as a voice of University faculty throughout the entire campus community.

School of Science Staff Council

School of Science Staff Council

The School of Science Staff Council seeks to represent and integrate all staff members in the communication processes, governance, and affairs of the School of Science. See staff council bylaws.

2018/2019 Committee Members
  • President: Heather Sissons
  • Vice President: Kitty O'Doherty
  • Treasurer: Lindsay Heinzman
  • Secretary: Sarah Shroyer
  • Awards Committee: Open
  • Communications: Open
  • Events Committee: Lori Vanatsky
  • Nominations Committee: Cathy Chouinard
  • IUPUI Staff Council Rep: Betsy Cooney
IUPUI Staff Council

In addition to the School of Science Staff Council, the IUPUI Staff Council acts as a voice of University staff in collaborating with the entire campus community. 

Work Study Work Request

All requests for Dean's Office Work Study support should be submitted using this form.
  • All materials relating to the assignment must be submitted at the time the form is submitted.
  • A two-day notice for each assignment (unless an emergency) is strongly encouraged.

Survey Software (Qualtrics) for Science Faculty & Staff

The School of Science maintains a license for its staff, faculty and students to use Qualitric Survey software.

Qualtrics is a cloud-based survey tool that helps faculty, students, and staff build and distribute surveys, view reports, and tabulate and analyze responses.  The system allows for surveys to remain private (only the creator can access) or surveys can be shared with others as appropriate.

To request the upgrade code for you or your students, contact sosweb@iupui.edu. Please include your name, title and department. If you are requesting the code for student/classroom use, please include the roster of students who will be using the account.

To access the software, follow these instructions.

Training is available online and through UITS: Learn more.

Administrative Staff

Angel Campbell
Associate Project Manager
Jeanette (JJ) Jefferson
Human Resources and Payroll Administrator
Annette Snyder
Administrative Specialist
Crystal York
Fiscal Officer

Executive Leadership

N. Douglas Lees
Associate Dean for Planning & Finance

Associate Dean Lees oversees resource allocation including space and personnel, budget construction and management, and cost/benefit calculations.

Simon J Rhodes

Dean Simon Rhodes has overall responsibility for the mission  of the School of Science at IUPUI and for leading the School to achieve its vision . He works with the faculty, staff, and students to set plans for the School to achieve its strategic goals. He works to ensure that School of Science objectives are in alignment with IUPUI/University goals and missions; to provide strong advocacy for the School and campus; to provide leadership for optimal curriculum development and revision, including achievement of student learning outcomes; to ensure quality teaching and evaluation of student learning; to promote a respectful, civil, and collaborative environment; to administer the school's budget; to hire the best personnel for the School; to build relationships within the university and with key external constituencies; to maximize fundraising for the school; to ensure faculty and staff development and oversight; to promote a diverse School community that respects ethnic, gender, cultural, religious, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, economical status, and experiential differences; to maintain as inclusive and informed an environment in the School as is possible in all aspects of our work and mission; to provide infrastructure and support to increase funding and scholarship; to oversee school research initiatives; to recruit a quality student body; and to ensure strong student services to improve undergraduate and graduate student retention and success.

David Skalnik
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education

David Skalnik represents the School of Science at the IUPUI Council of Associate Deans, the IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee, and the Purdue Graduate Council.  He serves as Chair of the School of Science's Graduate Education Committee and Research Committee.  He coordinates the review process for distribution of Purdue Research Foundation funds, and prepares annual requests to IUPUI for graduate program funding. He has oversight over the School's grant submission and research award management support services, as well as the School's animal facility. Dr. Skalnik works with Dean Rhodes and the other Associate Deans on allocation of resources (space and financial) to support the School's missions.

Jane Williams
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, School of Science

As Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Williams provides leadership and innovation in the areas of curriculum enhancement and undergraduate education. This position ensures efficient and effective administration in policies and procedures related to the success of students and faculty in the School of Science, including oversight and approval of undergraduate academic policies and procedures, oversight of student records and auditing, coordination and support for undergraduate student success, including the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies program, and the new School of Science Honors Program.  Dr. Williams also assists the Dean in ongoing strategic priorities, representing the school to upper administration on issues related to undergraduate education, curriculum internationalization and on-line education, and program review and assessment.

Faculty Assembly

The School of Science Faculty Assembly convenes once each semester to address issues and policies relevant to the Purdue School of Science Faculty. See below for both the Faculty Assembly information and minutes and the SOS Steering Committee minutes.

Learn more about the faculty assembly

Logos, Letterhead and Contact Card

Logo Policies

All units of the School of Science will follow both School and University standards and will not develop or use identifiers (logos) that are not in compliance or that create a representation that appears to create a status independent of the School of Science, IUPUI or Indiana University.

For assistance in obtaining your unit signature or advice on its use, please contact mktscien@iupui.edu.

An official signature can be used for the production of letterhead or business cards.


Miles Printing is the official print vendor for the IUPUI campus. If you want to order business cards, letterhead or envelopes, you can access Miles' online ordering by going to the IUPUI Mail Services website.

File Downloads

School of Science
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead | PowerPoint | Bicentennial Letterhead | Contact Card

Department of Biology
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Department of Computer & Information Science
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Department of Earth Sciences
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead 

Department of Physics
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Department of Psychology
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Forensic & Investigative Science Program
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Neuroscience Program
Horizontal Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Vertical Lockup (JPG) (PNG) (EPS) | Letterhead

Poster Printing

The School of Science maintains these Web resources to facilitate the use of the HP DesignJet 1055CM Color Plotter for poster sessions. The Plotter was purchased by and for the use of faculty, students, and staff of the IUPUI School of Science.

Learn about printing
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