Student Opportunities

Work with a mentor as a graduate student

As a graduate student, you'll develop and enhance your research capabilities as you work hand-in-hand with your faculty mentor to identify a niche subject for yout thesis. From there, you'll go on to test your theses firsthand, conducting research in the lab and in the field.

Research Funding & Programs

Undergraduate students

The Center for Research and Learning maintains a list of many IUPUI sponsored Undergraduate Funding Opportunities. Several of these that may be of interest to you include the University Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Multidisciplinary undergraduate research institute (MURI), and Commitment to Excellence in STEM Scholarship. If interested, please contact Angel Campbell at:

Sophomores and juniors may apply for the Life/Health Sciences Internship Program, which offers many opportunities for research in the IU School of Medicine and other health professions schools on campus.

The School of Science Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science may also have research opportunities for students.

Graduate Students

The School of Science Graduate Student Council and the IUPUI Graduate Office both offer travel awards and fellowships to help cover the cost of national conference travel expenses.