Get involved in research, even as an undergrad

We believe that active participation in research can provide great benefits to students of all levels—even beginning learners.

Many of our faculty are eager to welcome you as a member of their research teams. Additional opportunities can be found throughout the School of Science and across the IUPUI campus.

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Active areas of research

Database, Data Mining & Machine Learning (DDML) Research Group

This group develops algorithms for machine learning—automatically learning models, patterns, and skills from potentially big data. These algorithms are used to discover new approaches to designing artificially intelligent systems, as well as to find novel computational solutions to biological, medical, and other complex real-world scientific/technological problems.

Current projectsData mining group @ IUPUI, Career: Self-adjusting models as a new direction in machine learning.

Imaging & Visualization Research Group

This group conducts theoretical and applied research in the areas of computer vision, computational biology and neuroscience, medical image computing, machine learning, and imaging for forensics. The goal is to develop novel, automated, and user-guided computational methods that can provide robustness, accuracy, and computational efficiency in the analysis of visual data. They work toward solutions to existing problems, as well as explore different scientific disciplines, where our research can contribute with useful interpretation, quantification, and modeling.

Current projects: VITAL (Visual Information Translation Analysis & Learning), Modeling the structure and dynamics of neuronal circuits at single neuron resolutionVisual analytics of neuroimaging data.

Networking & Security Research Group

Research includes Internet architecture, cyber infrastructure for sciences and engineering, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and Internet of Things, ad hoc mobile networks, Software Defined Networking (SDN), networking and communication security, and various trust, security and privacy issues in real life applications such as health care, personal genomics, social networking, and electronic voting.

Software Engineering, Distributed & Parallel Computing (SEDPC) Research Group

Research that investigates and exploits the distributed and parallel models of computation to create innovative high-performance, secure, and quality-aware software systems for various real-world applications. This group conceives, designs, and develops innovative tools, system environments, and concrete prototypes to demonstrate the impact of the research.

Current projects: Trustworthy Software Service Selection and Composition Project (TruSSCOM)