Indianapolis Alcohol Study

Study overview

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the study, you must be:

  • Healthy men and women
  • A regular alcohol drinker
  • 21-35 years old

Screening process

  1. Online survey or phone call - A few questions to see if you meet basic criteria. Complete the online survey now or call us at (317) 948-6550 and refer to the Indianapolis Alcohol Study.
  2. In-person interview - Interview in the lab about your alcohol use and health history.

What is expected from you?

If you are eligible for the study, you will be invited to our lab for two or three experimental sessions where:

  • Intravenous alcohol will be delivered to you
  • You will be asked to not drink alcohol at some point for two weeks
  • You will be invited to complete additional, brief, paid, follow-up interviews

Payment & benefits


You will receive up to $945 total—up to $675 for experimental sessions and up to $270 for follow-up questions.


You will get a voucher that will cover your parking fees or bus tickets.

Contribution to science

We hope that this study will teach us how normal drinking patterns relate to changes in drinking over time.


This survey will help us determine if you meet basic requirements to participate in the study.

  • Please answer accurately and honestly
  • All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential
  • At the end of the survey, you will be given the option to provide your contact information, so that the research team can contact you to share the results and more information about the study

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