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Science Periodically

Admitted student webinars and Q&A

Get to know the School of Science this summer! Spend some time with us each week by attending our weekly admitted students webinar hosted by science student, Dustin Ryder.

We’ll include science updates and newsworthy interviews with science faculty and staff, and of course there will be time to ask your science questions directly to Dustin, our science recruitment staff, and our weekly guest. We promise to make it fun with challenges, games and prizes—for students who attend the event live!

Science Periodically will be held live on Zoom, every Tuesday 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET and posted on IUPUI Science YouTube the following week. Be sure to register!

https://iu.zoom.us/j/97186005464 - Please note that this room will only be staffed on Tuesdays beginning at 2 p.m. ET.


May 26

All Science is Data Science: Better understand how all scientists rely on computer science

Guest: Andy Harris, M.S., Senior Lecturer, Computer Science

Data science is the art of uncovering the insights and trends in data using the scientific method and other processes. All science disciplines require some computer knowledge and skills to extract insights from data and data sources.

Join Andy to better understand the knowledge and skills needed as a 21st century scientist, learn about his academic mission trips to Central America and gain his advice on classes and learning experiences available to you as an IUPUI student and greater Indianapolis community member.

Andy is a published author on several programming books for beginners (and for the “for Dummies” series). He teaches beginning programming CSCI 23000/24000 and game programming at IUPUI.

June 2

Learn more about Orientation and Bridge

Guest: Diana Sims-Harris, Ph.D., Director of Student Affairs, School of Science

Diana oversees interventions that support student success and engagement including orientation, bridge, SCI-I 120, Honors College, and STEM on-campus housing. She will answer your questions and let you know what to expect with Science Orientation and IUPUI’s Bridge program

June 9

Real life CSI: Blow Flies - Not just Crime Fighters, they could be the Ultimate Climate Change Warriors

Guest: Christine Picard, Ph.D., Director & Associate Professor, Forensic and Investigative Sciences

Dr. Picard is a leading forensics entomologist who research involves blow flies. The growth and development of this species of fly has implications for forensic investigations involving decomposing remains—helping scientists estimate time of death. The northward movement into Indiana of a new type of blow fly, formerly only found in the south, points to shifting species population due to climate change.

June 16

What Freshman need to know to get into medial school (or any professional school)

Guest: Jaime Sperandio, M.S., Director of Pre-Professional and Career Advising, School of Science PREPs Office

Jamie is an expert on what you need to do to set yourself up for professional school admission success! Learn about the grades, courses, and test scores needed and the service learning/volunteering and internship/research experiences at IUPUI that will make your application shine! Learn how to begin your preparation your freshman year with the help of Science PREPs.

June 23

All Science Paths Lead through the Math Department

Guest: Jeffrey Watt, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Math is the language of science. Join Mathematics chair and professor, Dr. Jeff Watt as he speaks on his often humorous, personal journey that led him from Geology to Math. He’ll touch on why it is important to have a strong math background in all fields you may pursue.

June 30

Positive Psychology: A Happier & More Meaningful Life

Guest: John Guare, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology

Happy people function better and positive emotions make goals seem easier to achieve. Join Dr. Guare to learn more about understanding true wealth, the process of happiness, enjoying the rewarding moments along your journey, and the positive and negative effects of social media.

July 7

Trivia Tuesday

Let’s continue the July 4th holiday celebration with a day of fun and games. Dustin will test your knowledge of IUPUI, Science, and pop culture in a fun trivia contest. We’ll provide some cool science gear for the winners.

July 14

Adolescent Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors

Guest: Steve Boehm, Ph.D., Department Chair, Psychology and Professor, Neuroscience/Psychology

Adolescence is a period of dynamic biologic, psychological and behavioral changes and it is also associated with an increased risk for substance abuse and addictive disorders. Dr. Stephen Boehm and his research group are interested in adolescent drug (cannabis) and alcohol intake and its impact on brain and behavior. We’ll touch on impulsivity and compulsivity in relation to addiction and learn more about the alcohol preference drinking in his mouse subjects.

July 21

Undergraduate Research – The Ultimate Learning Experience

Learn more about how you can get involved in School of Science research as early as your freshman year. We’ll have a current student researcher live to speak on her experiences in the lab beginning from washing dishes to presenting her research.

July 28

Alumni Connections – Life after the School of Science

A recent Science alumni will share his/her experiences at IUPUI and as they began their career. Learn about the best resources to take advantage of as a student, science careers and trends in science industries.

August 4

Freshman year begins now – What you need to know!

Guest: Jane Williams, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Associate Professor of Psychology

We’re almost there – your freshman year starts soon! School of Science Associate Dean Jane Williams will be live to share what you can expect this upcoming semester at IUPUI and the School of Science and to answer your questions.

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