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  • Computer Science Day

  • Upcoming Seminars

  • Upcoming Seminars

  • Meiere Symposium "Science, Society, and the Computational Revolution

  • Fighting Fraud: CBS4 investigates how often hackers, scammers are hitting Hoosiers

  • CS Graduation Celebration Picnic

  • CS grad students research accepted at High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing conference.

    INDIANAPOLIS- Computer Science PhD students Yuankun Fu and Feng Li (advised by Professor Fengguang Song) submitted research on the performance analysis and optimization of In-situ integration of simulation with data analysis: zipping applications up.

    Ambition drives computer science students into business

    There's more to artificial intelligence -- AI -- than robots taking over the world. Zachary Balda and Brandon Boynton say what they do is machine learning, a subset of AI. Word choice aside though, it kind of sounds like they're helping machines replace the need for a human brain.

    Computer science professor works with IMPD to predict social harm

    When George Mohler was an undergraduate mathematics student at Indiana University, he had no idea that his work would eventually have the potential to shape crime prevention and incident response for major metropolitan police departments.

    Mohler's Ph.D. studies in the University of California system steered him into predictive modeling and data analytics. His first assignment was in Los Angeles -- no small task. 

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