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  • Protein lysine acetylation contributes to the maintenance of genome stability.

  • Synergistic Effects of Ethanol Drinking and Methamphetamine: Role for Inflammation

  • DNA damage alters the function of sensory neurons. A possible mechanism for neuropathic and inflammatory pain?

  • Inconspicuous (?) Neighbors: the density, diversity, and distribution of wildlife along the urban to rural gradient in Indianapolis and across North America.

  • Ciliary signaling in human disease: From neurodegeneration to cancer

  • CFTR: Beyond the Lungs

  • A tale of two pili: how pilus dynamics contribute to function in diverse bacterial systems

  • Targeting the DNA damage response for cancer therapy

  • Neuronal cilia in feeding behavior and obesity.

  • Targeting G Protein-Coupled Receptor for Metabolic Disease Therapy

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