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  • Dr. Ryan Anderson, "Modeling diabetes pathogenesis and recovery using the zebrafish"

  • Becoming a Software Engineer with SEP

  • Dr. Jiliang Li, “Bone and Longevity”

  • Dr. Pankita Panda, "Validation Of The MYC-RAD21 Copy Number Variations (CNVs) As Therapeutic Biomarkers In Recurrent Pediatric Osteosarcoma."

  • Dr. Karmen Yoder, "Stories from the Scanner: What neuroimaging can tell us about the neurobiology of addiction"

  • Dr. Martha O'Donnell, "Blood brain barrier Na transporters and TRP channels as therapeutic targets in diabetic ischemic stroke"

  • Dr. Joshua Benoit, "Biology of stress in ticks: impact of starvation, thermal shifts, and pesticide exposure on behavior, physiology, and biochemistry"

  • Drug treatment for hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, is the target of IUPUI research team

    IUPUI biologist Bonnie Blazer-Yost is leading a team that seeks to create a drug that will be the gold standard of care in treating hydrocephalus, known more commonly as "water on the brain," a condition that can occur at any age for a variety of reasons. It may lead to developmental delay, neurological decline, blindness, impaired motor function, dementia or death.

  • Dr. Bao Wang Seminar

  • School of Science at Regatta

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