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Software Engineering Graduate Certificate (Purdue)

Offered by: Department of Computer & Information Science A central problem of today’s economic development and competitiveness in industry, society, science and engineering is the mastering of complex, large software-intensive products and the processes of their construction, application and adaptation.

Why choose this program?

Software Engineering is the branch of computer science that is focused on the application of systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approaches to the development, operation, and maintenance of software systems. 

Inclusive of computer programming but going well beyond, Software Engineering is concerned with methodologies, techniques and tools to manage the entire software life cycle, including development of requirements, specifications, testing, maintenance, and project management. 

The advent of Software Engineering is a natural result of the continuous quest for software quality and reusability and the maturing of the software development industry.

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What will you learn?

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of software projects, including requirements analysis, object-oriented methods, design patterns, testing, and maintenance.
  • Proficiency in software project management, software design, Unified Modeling Language usage, and computer-aided software engineering.
  • Competence sufficient to participate in and lead the planning, requirements analysis, design, and timely implementation of quality software applications within budget.

What will you do?

The success of software products and services as well as of enterprises and organizations is increasingly determined by the availability of such adequate software solutions.

Students completing this certificate will be familiar with esthetic issues in software design, ethical practices in the software industry, a current process for developing software, current process for managing software engineering projects, measures of software quality, measures of project progress and tools that support software engineering projects.

Required disclosures to current and prospective students:

Federal regulations issued by the Department of Education require that Indiana University make certain information about this certificate program available. Disclosure of this data is a condition of awarding federal financial assistance to eligible students in this non-degree academic program.

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*Admission and completion of Certificate does not guarantee MS program admission.

*Substitution of Certificate Classes requires the advance approval of the CS Department Graduate Committee.

Certificate requirements

A graduate certificate will be issued when a student has completed 12 graduate credit hours in one of the specialization areas. After finishing the requirements for the graduate certificate, the student may opt to finish the remaining requirements towards a MS degree.*

  • 1 Core Course: 56500 (Programming Languages)
  • 3 Specialization Courses: 
    • 50600 (Management of Software Development Process )
    • 50700 (Object Oriented Design and Programming)
    • 53700 (Distributed Computing) or 53600 (Networks)

Students admitted directly to the Computer Science Master of Science graduate program may earn this certificate in conjunction with their M.S. degree provided that all the requirements of the certificate program are satisfied.

Student Consumer Information About this Program

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