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Student successes in graduate school: Megan Stringer

Megan Stringer | Ph.D. Student, Psychology | Department of Psychology

What degree are you working toward?

I am working towards getting my Ph.D. in Addiction Neuroscience (currently in my third year)

Why did you choose graduate school at IUPUI?

At my program interview, I learned of the collaboration between Dr. Goodlett (Psychology) and Dr. Roper (Biology) that studied various deficits in a mouse model of Down Syndrome. After my visit, I knew IUPUI was the one!

What has been your favorite academic accomplishment since you’ve been here?

I would have to say completing my masters in the Fall of 2015. It involved learning a lot of new techniques and it took a lot of perseverance and staring into a microscope, but that’s what made it so sweet.

What do you enjoy most about life in Indianapolis?

I come from a small town (population 1,000), so I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere that Indianapolis brings. But, it is a big enough city that there’s plenty to do. I love to run along the canal, play ultimate Frisbee in Military Park, watch the Indians play, and chow down on a burger at Bru Burger on Mass Ave.

Please provide some details about your work/research as a graduate student and/or any activities you are involved in.

We administer various potential preclinical treatments to a mouse model of Down Syndrome to try and improve the various deficits that are seen in DS. The mouse model we use is a good model because it displays many of the cognitive and skeletal deficits that are seen in DS. I am primarily responsible for managing all the behavioral tasks, as well as the histological analysis. I am also a teaching assistant for various courses and I volunteer for Down Syndrome Indiana (DSI).

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