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Whitney Walker, Interdisciplinary Studies, Undergraduate

Undergrad explores the bigger picture

Whitney Walker | Interdisciplinary Studies, Undergraduate | Biology Department For Whitney Walker, studying just the scientific evidence alone wasn’t telling the full story.

It felt like there was something missing so she did what any scientist would do: research away to find the answers to her questions. 

“I can’t imagine looking at any single issue through just one perspective,” says Whitney. “I needed to find a better way to understand how science and medicine interact with technology and society so I created my own way.”

The School of Science’s Interdisciplinary Studies program allowed Whitney to create her own interdisciplinary degree: Science, Technology, and Society. She thrives being able to understand the multifaceted nature of science, which leads to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the world.

"Other schools might not have given me the same resources that IUPUI has. I'm here not just talking about doing what I want, I am doing it."

Whitney Walker | Interdisciplinary Studies | Undergraduate