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Alicia Quash, Psychology, Undergraduate

Psychology undergraduate uses experiences to serve students

Alicia Quash | Psychology, Undergraduate | Department of Psychology Alicia Quash is an unstoppable force on campus.

 After transferring from Ivy Tech to IUPUI in Fall 2012, she wanted to have an impact and took charge of her college experience. Working, going to school, being involved in numerous school organizations and raising a child might seem like a full schedule, but Quash didn’t stop there: creating a forum for student perspectives in the School of Science was also a part of her mission. 

Studying psychology was an easy decision for Quash because life has “left [her] with many questions that [she] hopes to solve by studying human behavior and decision-making.” Wanting to better understand students, Quash became involved in the School of Science Dean’s Office as a science ambassador leader, the Psychology Department as an administrative assistant, an undergraduate research assistant and a peer academic advisor and in the Office of Student Involvement in the Division of Student Affairs as a front desk attendant.

School of Science Diversity Council

Quash also served as a voice for undergraduates in the School of Science Diversity Council alongside Dean Simon Rhodes as well as other faculty and staff members in science after being approached by Jane Alexander, a biology advisor. The Diversity Council recognizes that diversity comes in many forms and holds events to help all individuals in the School of Science feel included, and contribute their voice and perspectives to the school. For Quash, diversity is necessary because it helps people to better understand the world around them.

“It’s important to have diversity because it enables you to open your mind to other perspectives and ways of doing things and, as a result, you become better at collaborating with different people.”

As a council member, Quash helped organize town hall discussion, film screenings and represented the school at community events.

Student Perspectives

To Quash, being successful is more than just getting good grades; it also involves the experiential learning she’s taken part in outside of the classroom. With plans to remain involved in higher education, Quash benefitted from being immersed in the many perspectives that her involvement in IUPUI provided.

“By me challenging myself, stepping outside the box and interacting with a diverse population of individuals, I feel as though I’ve gained more credibility. When interacting with students in the future, I’ll be able to draw upon some of the experiences I’ve undergone during my time here and empathize with what they’re going through.”

Quash drew upon some of these experiences when she gave the commencement speech at the School of Science’s ceremony for the Class of 2015. She is currently assisting with student orientation and advising at IUPUI and looks forward to continuing her education in student affairs.