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Pure Mathematics M.S. (Purdue degree)

Offered by: Department of Mathematical Sciences The graduate curriculum seeks to develop a broad and balanced perspective in the mathematical sciences, covering both the traditional areas of pure mathematics and the many interdisciplinary fields in applied mathematics.

Why choose this program?

Students in the pure mathematics program are encouraged to develop a deep understanding in any chosen area of pure mathematics to enable them to pursue a career in either academic or non-academic settings.

Degree requirements

The plan of study typically includes the following: Complex Analysis, Real Analysis & Measure Theory, Principles of Analysis II, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Topology. 
  • The remaining four courses are electives and should be chosen with the approval of the student's advisor.
  • One elective must be a course for which one of the above courses is a prerequisite.

General requirements and policies

The Graduate Student Handbook contains the details of the program requirements, policies, and procedures.

Additional Information

For further information, contact Prof. Evgeny Mukhin at 317-278-1079 

Student finds infinite value in mathematics

Anthony Aguilar Mathematics, Undergraduate
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