Groundbreaking research, interdisciplinary opportunities

Our faculty is committed to research that broadens our understanding about how people live, think, and behave. Whether they are seeking better interventions for individuals with severe mental illnesses, exploring the mind’s role in the experience of chronic pain, or tracking the effects of addictive drugs on the brain, their work has the power to improve lives. 

You’ll be invited to make your own research contributions, even as an undergraduate.

Why study psychology?

Understanding why people do what they do can help you in everyday life and in almost every job situation. Studying psychology can help make you a stronger communicator and critical thinker. The interpersonal, observational, and listening skills that you will develop are in high demand in the workplace.

When it comes to job opportunities, psychology is growing at much faster pace than many other occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And career paths aren’t limited to the field of health care—individuals with expertise in psychology are in demand in law, education, government, and the corporate world.

$80,000+Median annual salary for psychologists in the U.S.

14 %Projected job growth for the field by 2028

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