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Neuroscience Minor (Purdue)

Offered by: Neuroscience Program The School of Science offers a minor in the field of neuroscience. Neuroscience is a very interdisciplinary field, encompassing biology, chemistry, mathematics and psychology, as well as other disciplines. Students majoring in one of these areas may have a strong interest in neuroscience, but prefer to major in one of the specific disciplines.

Why choose a minor in neuroscience?

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, a minor in neuroscience intentionally and transparently links different disciplines together.  The minor will allow students to understand, apply and analyze the connections among disciplines.  These abilities will help them apply their life sciences learning to the rest of their education, and better prepare them for graduate and/or professional studies in this new and expanding field.

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Minor requirements

The minor requires 15 credit hours (5 courses):

Core Courses

  • PSY-B201 Foundations of Neuroscience (3 cr.) P: PSY-B110 or BIOL-K101
  • PSY-B301 Systems Neuroscience (3 cr.) P: PSY-B201
  • BIOL-K416 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (3 cr.) P: BIOL-K324

2 Neuroscience elective courses:

One course from the Biology Elective Course List (3 cr.)

  • BIOL-K322 Genetics and Molecular Biology P: BIOL-K103 & CHEM-C106 (This course is strongly recommended, as this serves as a prerequisite for other higher-level electives and generally is required for admission to graduate and professional programs.)
  • BIOL-K331 Embryology  P: BIOL-K103 & BIOL-K322
  • BIOL-K338 Introductory Immunology  P: BIOL-K103 & CHEM-C106
  • BIOL-K384 Biochemistry  P: CHEM-C342
  • BIOL-K484 Cellular Biochemistry  P: CHEM-C342
  • BIOL 55900 Endrocinology  P: BIOL 55600 or equivalent & CHEM-C342
  • BIOL 56800 Regenerative Biology and Medicine  P: BIOL-K324 or BIOL-K331 or a biochemistry course
  • BIOL 57100 Developmental Neurobiology  P:  consent of instructor

One course from the Psychology Elective Course List (3 cr.)

  • PSY-B311 Research Methods in Psychology P: Three (3) credit hours of introductory psychology and PSY-B305
  • PSY-B334 Perception P: see below*
  • PSY-B344 Learning P: see below*
  • PSY-B356 Motivation  P: see below*
  • PSY-B394 Drugs and Behavior P: see below*
  • PSY-B398 Brain Mechanisms of Behavior P: PSY-B320
  • PSY B3** Neurophysiology and Neurochemistry of Behavior
  • PSY B3** Developmental Psychobiology
  • PSY B3** Clinical Neuroscience
  • PSY-I545 Psychopharmacology***
  • PSY-I560 Behavioral Genetics***
    • * P: Three (3) credit hours of introductory psychology
    • ** New course - course number not yet available
    • *** Requires permission of instructor 

Apply for a minor

To qualify for minor certification, students must complete the online form.  For more information on the Neuroscience program, please contact Cynthia Williams, director of student development, or call 317-278-2237.

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