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Psychology student admitted to law school


Interested in a career in law?

At the School of Science at IUPUI, students seeking professional careers in law are exposed to opportunities that no other school in the state of Indiana can offer.

The growth of life-health science and technology innovations has resulted in a growing need for lawyers who understand the technological intricacies of these products and services, as well as the legal issues that can arise from their development, commercialization, and use.

Through comprehensive coursework, hands-on experience in the classroom and labs, one-on-one guidance from professors, and research and leadership opportunities in the School, five surrounding hospitals, the IU School of Medicine, IU School of Dentistry and IU McKinney School of Law, graduates of the School of Science are well prepared for law school and beyond!

The School of Science does not offer a pre-law major because law schools do not require students to complete specific majors. However, many majors in the School of Science at IUPUI provide students with excellent undergraduate preparation for law school.

What will you learn?

Why choose science as a major?

There are many benefits to selecting a science major, including: 

Many science undergraduate degrees are marketable to future employers even if the student chooses not to pursue professional schooling.

What will you do?

While fulfilling curriculum requirements for law school admission, students can create their own undergraduate path to a successful career in law.

Prepare for Law School

The School of Science office for Pre-Professional & Career Preparation (PREPs) will support you throughout the process of preparing for law school. From advising you on pre-requisite courses and professional development activities to helping you through the application process, PREPs can assist you in every step.

Admission to law school is very competitive. You need to plan thoroughly from the start to be successful. The links below include detailed information on everything from the courses to the application process. If you are an IUPUI School of Science student, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with a pre-professional advisor.

Schedule an advising appointment


Law schools require no particular major, and there are no prerequisite courses. It is recommended that potential applicants include courses that emphasize writing, research, critical thinking, and analytical reading. In addition, consider courses that develop analysis, argument, and quantitative skills. Consider taking some upper level courses in liberal arts such as Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. Law schools seek broad diversity among applicants; including diversity of majors. 

Your GPA is by far more important than your major. Choose a major that you thoroughly enjoy, one in which you can excel and one that will give you an alternate career or graduate study opportunity should you change your mind about law school.

Download a Pre-Law Timeline to help you stay on track for law school!

Become a Science student

Entrance Exams

The Law School Admission Test-LSAT evaluates applicants in the areas of reading comprehension, critical reasoning, logical analysis and writing. The 3 1/2 hour exam is the single most important element in your application. At most law schools it is weighed more heavily than your GPA.  This score will also largely determine the level of any financial aid you receive.

Beginning in the 2018-2019 cycle, the exam will be offered 6 times per year. Take the LSAT when you are ready, but if possible make plans to take it in June after your junior year. Note that the February exam scores arrive too late for most, but not all, law schools.

Gaining Relevant Experience

Gaining experiences prior to law school can include volunteer work (can be very important to some law schools, especially those that stress service), internships, employment, work in student clubs or organizations, sports, etc.  Activities need not be law-related. Law schools prefer activities that let you develop communication and leadership skills and provide exposure to different cultures.

The professional development activities that applicants bring to a law school are often discussed in the personal statement and interview.

Research, Internship and Leadership Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits to studying science at IUPUI is the accessibility of our world-class professors, and the ability to participate in research and internships.

The School of Science at IUPUI offers various programs for students to become involved with both research and other leadership opportunities throughout their undergraduate experience.

One of those programs is the Life Health Sciences Internship. This one-year program provides students the opportunity to participate in both clinical and scientific research opportunities throughout IUPUI's campus and the surrounding hospitals and labs.

Application Process

With rolling admissions at most law schools, applying by Thanksgiving is usually beneficial. The latest you can submit material without fear of being late is around January 1st. Note that by the time deadlines arrive the school may have relatively few openings left. Most law schools say that submitting your material at least 6-8 weeks prior to the published deadline is advantageous.

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