K–12 Outreach Programs

Get research experience while you’re still in high school

Applications for the Physics Summer Research Program at IUPUI are accepted until April 1st, 2023.

Open to high school juniors and seniors (and advanced sophomores), the Summer Research Experience in Physics is an intensive six-week summer research program beginning in mid-June. Jun 5-July 14


To apply, submit a cover letter and an essay.

Cover letter

Please be sure to include the following information:

  1. Name, school, academic status, contact address, email.

  2. GPA, science grades, research experience (if any).

  3. Contact information for your science teachers willing to recommend you for the program. Please talk to your teachers first.


The essay should be one or two pages in length and should describe your interest in physics and in science in general. Specify three (3) research topics and mentors from our list of research areas and faculty. Explain how you expect to benefit from this research experience.

Send your application by April 1, 2023, to:

Prof. Ruihua Cheng
Department of Physics, IUPUI
402 N. Blackford St., Bldg. LD 154
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Tel: 317-278-6502
FAX: 317-274-2393

You can email your application to rucheng@iupui.edu

Have questions about the program? Contact Ruihua Cheng.

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