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I obtained my Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania and conducted my post graduate work at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands and at the Medical College of Pennsylvania.  

Courses Taught / Teaching

At IUPUI I teach a variety of courses which include K103 (Biology II), K350 (Comparative Animal Physiology), N107 (Exploring the World of Animals), K490 (Biology Capstone), K493 (Independent Research), and SCI I120 (Windows on Science).  I also lecture in 556, 557 (Graduate Physiology).



My research interests focused on lipid metabolism in the lungs and the liver.  It was during my experiences as a post-doctoral fellow that I discovered my enthusiasm and excitement for helping others learn.  At that time I decided to make the transition from research to becoming a member of the teaching faculty. My education research is centered on understanding student views on diversity in the sciences, and investigating ways to improve scientific exploration through student participation in regional, state, and international science fairs.

Professional Affiliations

My contributions to the scientific community include being a board member of the Science Education Foundation of Indiana (SEFI), committee service for the Indiana Science Technology Engineering and Math (I-STEM) initiative and, at a national level, serving on the Executive Committee of Advisory Council for the Society for Science and the Public, the parent organization for the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

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