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1995 Postdoctoral Fellowship Stanford University, Palo Alto CA
1993 Postdoctoral Fellowship Sandoz Agro Biotechnology, Palo Alto CA
1990 Ph.D. Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL
1984 B.A. Biology Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington IL


My research focuses on Biology Education, and serves to advance the Department of Biology's commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

My research goals are to develop ways to reinforce the content students are exposed to in lecture, to help students develop the intellectual skills needed to understand science and the scientific process, and to continually establish connections concerning the relationship of biology and science to society.

Publications & Professional Activities

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Honors, Awards and Grants

2013  HHMI National Academies Summer Institute Teaching Fellow

2012  IUPUI School of Science Teaching Award

2010  Women Creating Excellence at IUPUI Recognition

2008  IUPUI Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

2008   Excellence in Teaching Award, National Society of Leadership and Success

2006   IUPUI School of Science Trustees Teaching Award

2005   IUPUI Gateway Scholar, Office for Professional Development

2003   Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) inductee


Recent Active Awards

  1. Engaging students in authentic interdisciplinary research to enhance quantitative skills (2013) James Marrs, Kathleen Marrs,  School of Science Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science (IM2CS) $5,924
  2. CSCI 101: CS Principles - A Novel, On-line Learning Experience in Computing (2013) Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Curriculum Enhancement Grant (CEG). Michele Roberts, Kathy Marrs, Snehasis Mukhopadhyay,  $12,950.
  3. Advancing Undergraduate Chemical Education Through Contextualized Organic Laboratories (2011) Martin O'Donnell, Ryan Denton, William Scott, Kathleen Marrs.  NSF DUE TUES Phase I: (#1140602) $220,000
  4. Central Indiana STEM Talent Expansion Program at IUPUI (2010-2014) Principal Investigator: Jeff Watt, Co-PI; Kathleen Marrs, Charlie Feldhaus, Andy Gavrin, Stephen Hundley (NSF DUE #0969500) $1,995,765.00. 
  5. Midwest Noyce Regional Conference at IUPUI (2010-2011) Principal Investigator: Kim Nguyen, Co-PIs: Kathleen Marrs, John Staver, and Signe Kastberg (NSF DUE #1002638) $353,300
  6. Noyce Summer Internship Program at IUPUI (2009-2011) Kathleen Marrs, Co-PIs: Kim Nguyen, Dwight Schuster   Supplement to Advance Urban Learning: Teach Science (NSF DUE # 0733788-02)  $72,000.
  7. Strategies for Advancing Math and Science Teaching in High Need Schools:  The Midwest Regional Robert Noyce Conference (2008-2009) Kathleen Marrs and Kim Nguyen, Supplement to Advance Urban Learning: Teach Science (NSF DUE # 0733788-01)  $90,000.
  8. Urban Educators: Robert Noyce Scholarship for Mathematics and Science Teachers, Phase II (2009-2012) Principal Investigator: Kim Nguyen, Co-PIs: Kathleen A. Marrs, Signe Kastberg, (NSF DUE # 0934555) $599,993
  9. The GK-12 Urban Educators Program at IUPUI (2008-2013) Principal Investigator: Kathleen A. Marrs, Co-PIs: Simon Rhodes, Pam Crowell, Lenore Tedesco, Andy Gavrin (NSF DUE# 0742475) $2,988,355
  10. Advance Urban Learning: Teach Science (2007-2011) Principal Investigator: Kathleen A. Marrs, Co-PIs: Dwight Schuster, and Kim Nguyen (NSF DUE # 0733788) $749,933
  11. Urban Educators: Robert Noyce Scholarship for Mathematics and Science Teachers (2005-2008) Principal Investigator: Charlie Barman, Co-PIs: Kathleen A. Marrs, Signe Kastberg, and Kim Nguyen (NSF DUE # 0531598) $486,912
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