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Patrick Lee Gentry, Instructional Coordinator, Biology Freshman Worker Administrator,  Co-Chair Intercultural Learning Community of Practice

Patrick Lee Gentry, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Biology Freshman Worker Administrator, Co-Chair Intercultural Learning Community of Practice, Biology Department

As Instructional Coordinator my duties include working with course directors to develop or enhance course curriculum, and assist by teaching 1-3 courses/sections per calendar year. I help monitor the progress of the courses by attending weekly course meetings. In addition to work during the courses, I help develop, test and trouble shoot lab exercises during the summer. I am in charge of assigning graduate student and part- time faculty their teaching assignments and ensuring that they are trained and prepared to teach in their assigned role.

I am the administrator of the First-year Science Apprenticeship (FKA Freshman Worker Program) which involves HR duties of hiring paperwork, communication with Central HR to have background checks, verify documentation to be hired in the US, orientations, placements and monitoring of Freshmen workers; including approving time cards and fixing timesheets when there are errors. I am the person who interviews and hires part-time faculty and communicating with them to make sure they have all the tools they need to teach the course, including non-majors lecture and lab courses.

Finally, I am the Biology Department’s Scheduling Officer. I work with the department chair to build the department’s schedule, which includes scheduling training, course corrections and changes, course deletions, communications with other departments about course schedules.

I  taught High School Science for 7 years, from the poorest inner city school to the wealthiest and highest acheiving school district in the State of Indiana, prior to my current position. My teaching has included classes in Biology, Advanced Placement and IU's dual credit ACP Chemistry classes and physics. I have given presentations on Project Based, Guided Inquiry Learning, and proper technology implementation as a way to motivate students with authentic questions and problem solving. In my experience, most classroom disruption and disengagement is a result of a boring and menial lesson. 

I am also an advocate for reducing the acheivement gap in students from poverty, providing quality education to all students, and finding ways to eliminate the funding gap between our richest and poorest schools. I promote STEM education as a way to providing economic and social promotion by encouraging and developing the skills of innovation, creativity, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem-solving.

I have worked as a Marion County Paramedic (formerly Wishard Ambulance Service), even appearing in an episode of Discovery Health's series "Paramedics"  , I was a graduate assistant researcher in the IU School of Medicine's Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology, I have interned for Roche Diagnostics in their Drugs of Abuse Team, and have taught High School Science,  starting a Not-for-Profit Organization that attempted to open a charter school. 


PhD Education Leadership, Purdue University, College of Education West Lafayette, IN

MS Cellular & Integrative Physiology, Indiana University, School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN

BGS, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, IN

AS, Indiana University Purdue University, School of Allied Health, Indianapolis, IN

Courses Taught / Teaching

Teaching Assignments

2015-2016 K323 Genetics Lab Instructor, IUPUI; K101 Introduction to Biology Lab Instructor, IUPUI; Cell Biology Laboratory Lab Instructor, IUPUI

2014-2015 Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington

2013-2015 Advanced Placement Chemistry Instructor, Zionsville Community Schools

2011-2013 Science Teacher, Ben Davis High School, MSD Wayne Township

2008-2011 Science Teacher and High School Team Leader, Fountain Square Academy Public Charter, Indianapolis, IN


PhD thesis- A New Reality: Funding Formula Changes and Property Tax Caps and Their Effects on The Role of Superintendents in the State of Indiana

The Use of Embedded Learning Opportunities and Project Based Learning in Secondary Science Education

Professional Affiliations

National Science Teachers Association

National Education Association

Honors, Awards and Grants

2014-2015 Most Influential Teacher, Zionsville, IN

2013-2014 Most Valualble Educator, Zionsville, IN

2008 American Heart Association Graduate Researcher Award

Invited Graduate Speaker, Experimental Biology Conference 2008

2000 Bepko Lifelong Learner Award


Invited Talks & Presentations:

 Co-Presenter/Intvited Talk -2017 AIEA Conference session: SIOs and Faculty Unite to Enhance Global Teaching and Learning through Communities of Practice

 Discussion Leader - 2016 Plater Institute on the Future of Learning Educating for a Global Community: Intercultural Engagement

Co-Presenter - 2016, Teaching Assistant Training, Center of Teaching and Learning, IUPUI, Best Practices in the Biology Laboratory Classroom

Presenter - 2013, Wayne Focus: The Benefits and Pitfalls of a Flipped Classroom

 Presenter - 2012, Perfecting the Common: Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills

 Invited Talk - 2012 Building Level Professional Development, MSD Wayne Township, Ninth Grade Center: Project Based Learning Workshop

 Invited Talk - Graduate Research Presentation, 2008 Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, CA: DAPK mediates TNF-alpha induced apoptosis by TNF-receptor 1 association and JNK Activation through MKK7