Luoding Zhu


LD 270G
(317) 278-9225
Research Areas:
Computational Biofluid Dynamics | Mathematical Biology


Prof. Zhu's research program is in the area of applied computational mathematics with biological applications. He is interested in numerical methods for and computer simulations of fundamental mechanical and/or biological processes which involve incompressible viscous fluids and elastic deformable boundaries. There are two major components of his research program: development of numerical methods for fluid-flexible-structure-interaction problems including extension/improvement of the immersed boundary (IB) method, and applications of these methods to problems in life science/ biomedical engineering.

Currently Prof. Zhu is working on 1) developing a 3D IB method using the lattice Boltzmann approach for turbulent biological flows with application; 2) modeling and simulation of blood flows in arteries with disease such as atherosclerosis.

Research areas

  • Computational Biofluid Dynamics
  • Fluid-Solid Interactions


  • PhD in Applied Math (2001), Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, USA (Advisor: Prof. Charles S. Peskin)
  • MS in Fluid Dynamics (1992), Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, PR China (Advisor: Prof. Jihai Wang)
  • BS in Mechanics (1989), Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PR China (Advisor: Prof. Benzhao Zhang)

Publications & Professional Activity

Luoding Zhu (2009), ``Interaction of two tandem deformable bodies in a flowing viscous fluid'', J. Fluid Mech., In Press. [low resolution]  [high resolution, 30+ MB]

Henry Y. Chen, James Hermiller, Anjan Sinha, Michael Sturek, Luoding Zhu, and Ghassan S. Kassab (2009),``Effects of Intravascular Stent Sizing on Endothelial and Vessel Wall Stress: Potential Mechanisms of In-stent Restenosis'', Journal of Applied Physiology 106(5), pp. 1686-91.

Luoding Zhu (2008), ``Scaling laws for drag of a compliant body moving in an incompressible viscous fluid'', J. Fluid Mech. 607, pp. 387-400.

Luoding Zhu (2007), ``Viscous flow past an elastic fibre tethered at its center point: vortex shedding'', J. Fluid Mech., 587, pp. 217-234. [low resolution] [high resolution, 22+ MB]

Luoding Zhu, Derek Tretheway, Linda Petzold and Carl Meinhart (2005), ``Simulation of fluid slip at hydrophobic microchannel walls by the lattice Boltzmann method'', J. Comput. Phys. 202(1), pp. 181-195.

Luoding Zhu and Charles Peskin (2002), ``Simulation of a flexible flapping filament in a flowing soap film by the immersed boundary method'', J. Comput. Phys.179(2), pp. 452-468. [low resolution]  [high resolution, 3+ MB]

My PhD thesis

AVI Movies

An incompressible viscous flow past a flexible fiber tethered at its midpoint: vortex shedding

Intaction of two tandem flexible filaments in a flowing viscous incompressible fluid

Intaction of ten flexible fibers fixed on a rigid wall in a viscous incompressible flow

A 3D viscous flow past a flexible sheet fixed at its midline