Michelle P. Salyers, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology

Director of ACT Center of Indiana

Affiliated Scientist of Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

LD 126N
(317) 274-2904
Research Areas:
Clinical Psychology


Emphasis: Severe Mental Illness

My broad area of research interest is psychiatric rehabilitation, and the overarching goal of my work is to help adults with severe mental illness live meaningful lives in the community. I believe mental health services should be based on the best available evidence and address the skills and supports consumers of those services need in order to manage illnesses more independently and achieve recovery goals.

My research addresses both consumers of mental health services and the providers of those services. Most recently, I have been focusing on the interaction of consumers and providers, looking for the best ways to support relationships that promote recovery and well-being. My current work involves testing interventions to improve the well-being of clinical providers and adolescents with depression using interventions focused on similar strategies of teaching mindfulness and self-management skills. I am also working with colleagues to develop innovative ways to increase shared decision-making in mental health care, for example, by providing coaching and skills training with virtual providers.

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Graduate Students

I am no longer taking new doctoral students.

Current: Emily Bass, Annalee Johnson-Kwochka, A.J. Muth, Eddie Salgado

Graduates: Kelsey A. Bonfils, ​Kimberly C Dreison, Ruth Firmin, Lauren Luther, Melanie Watkins, Dominique White


  • 1998 Ph.D., Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  • 1996 M.S., Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology - IUPUI
  • 1989 B.S., Psychology - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Publications & Professional Activity

Selected publications. Student authors are italized.

  1. Johnson-Kwochka, A. V.,Minor, K. S., Ashburn-Nardo, Wu, W., L., Stull, L. G., & Salyers, M. P. (in press). A new look at the Attribution Model of mental illness stigma. The Journal of Stigma and Health.
  2. Luther, L.,Fischer, M.W., Johnson-Kwochka, A.V., Minor, K.S., Holden, R., Lapish, C.L., McCormick, B., Salyers, M.P. (in press). Mobile enhancement of motivation in schizophrenia: A randomized controlled pilot trial of a personalized text message intervention for motivation deficits. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
  3. Aalsma, M. C., Jones, L. D., Staples, J. K., Garabrant, J. M., Gordon, J. S., Richtsmeier Cyr, L., Salgado, E. F., Salyers, M. P. (in press). Mind-Body Skills Groups for Adolescents with Depression in Primary Care: A Pilot Study. Journal of Pediatric Health Care.
  4. Fukui, S., Rollins, A., & Salyers, M. P. (in press). Exploration of provider characteristics and job stressors associated with turnover intention and actual turnover among community mental health providers. Psychiatric Services.
  5. Salyers, M. P., Bonfils, K. A., Luther, L., Firmin, R., L., White, D. A., Adams, E. L., & Rollins, A. L. (2017). The relationship between professional burnout and quality and safety in healthcare: A meta-analysis. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 32(4), 475-482.
  6. Salyers, M. P., Fukui, S., Bonfils, K. A., Firmin, R. L., Luther, L., Goscha, R. J., Rapp, C. A., Holter, M. C. (2017). Consumer outcomes after implementing CommonGround as an approach to shared decision-making. Psychiatric Services,68(3), 299-302. (PMC5658777)

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