Andrew Gavrin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


LD 156K
(317) 274-6909
Research Areas:
Physics Education Research


My primary scholarly activities are physics education and magnetic materials research.  I am a co-developer of the Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) instructional method. I have used magnetic domain imaging and magnetometry to investigate nanostructured ferromagnets, including granular Co-Ag, granular Ni-Al2O3, and Nd-Fe-B.

Condensed Matter Physics Research:

  • Design and development of an advanced thin film deposition system for materials research.
  • Magnetic domain imaging as a microstructural probe in Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials.
  • Dynamic Magnetic domain imaging for development of amorphous magnetic materials for transformer applications.
  • Development of a magnetron sputtering based nanoparticle source for high resolution Bitter microscopy.
  • Supervision of 1 postdoctoral fellow.

Teaching and Education Research:

  • Development of multimedia resources for physics instruction.
  • Development and assessment of Just-In-Time Teaching methodology.
  • Transformation of introductory physics using the inverted classroom model.
  • Classroom teaching of Physics P202, 140, 152, 251, 416, 517.
  • Supervision of graduate students (3 MS completed).
  • Supervision of senior projects (5 completed).


  • 1992 Ph.D. Physics, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
  • 1986 M. A. Physics, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
  • 1983 B.S. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Publications & Professional Activity

Gregor M. Novak, Evelyn T. Patterson, Andrew D. Gavrin, and Wolfgang Christian, Just-In-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology, (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1999).

Kathleen A. Marrs, Robert E. Blake, and A. Gavrin, "Use of  Internet-based Warm Up Exercises to Determine Students’ Prior Knowledge and Misconceptions in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics", J. Coll. Science Teaching, 33 (1), 42 (2003).

Prasanna Shah and A. Gavrin “Effect of varying sputtering parameters on the observation of magnetic domains using high resolution bitter microscopy technique” J. Appl. Phys. 99, 08H305 (2006).

Prasanna Shah and A. Gavrin, “Synthesis of nanoparticles using high-pressure sputtering for magnetic domain imaging”, J. Magn. Magn. Mater.,  301, 118-123, 2006

A. Gavrin “Using JiTT in the Physical Sciences” in Just in Time Teaching: Across the Disciplines, Across the Academy eds. S. Simkins, M. Maier, Stylus Publishing, LLC, Sterling, VA (2009).

A. Gavrin, “Respecting our Students” The Physics Teacher 53, 412 (2015).

Gavrin, A. and Lindell, R. “Engaging Students in a Large Enrollment Physics Class Using an Academically Focused Social Media Platform”, The Physics Teacher, 55 176 (2017).



American Physical Society (APS)

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)


  • Elected Fellow, American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) (2016)
  • Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers, David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching (2016)
  • Homer L. Dodge Distinguished Service Citation (AAPT) (2015)
  • John A. Curtis Lecture Award (Best paper in division, ASEE 2003)
  • IUPUI Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2001
  • IU Trustee's Teaching Award, 2001
  • Elected to Indiana University Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching, 2000
  • IUPUI Teaching Excellence Recognition Award, 2000
  • IUPUI School of Science Teaching Award, 1998
  • National Research Council Research Associateship, NIST (1992)