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Student at a science picnic club booth

Get Involved

Involvement in student clubs and campus groups opens a new world of learning. Meet new people and develop leadership skills by getting involved on campus.

You'll be having too much fun to notice, but you'll also set yourself up for success. Research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate than their non-involved classmates.

Benefits of making a lasting impact

  • Network with other students, faculty and staff
  • Develop leadership, communication and organizational skills
  • Gain you recognition on campus and the community
  • Get the scoop on classes and professors 
  • Build lasting friendships
  • Make a lasting impact on the campus and community

Science Student Clubs

See All IUPUI Student Organizations and Activities

Graduate Student Council and Campus Leadership

  • School of Science Graduate Student Council
    • The School of Science Graduate Student Council seeks to address the needs and concerns of graduate and professional students in the School of Science. Learn more.

  • IUPUI Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

    • The GPSG is the official voice of 8,000+ graduate and professional students on the IUPUI campus. Learn more.

  • More student organizations

    • There are several graduate student organizations at IUPUI. These organizations help to bring a sense of graduate community to the campus and provide feedback to administrators about policies and issues affecting graduate students. 
Learn more

Be an IUPUI School of Science Ambassador

Whether you volunteer one time for a Science event, or join our energetic and exceptional Student Ambassador team, we'd love to help you get involved with helping prospective students learn more about the School of Science. You'll get team building experience, add to your professional network, build your skills, and have a broader impact in the world of Science.

  • Participate in student panel discussions for prospective students
  • Lead tours of the School of Science facilities for prospective students
  • Greet prospective students at recruitment events
  • Make phone calls to prospective students
  • Assemble promo folders and recruitment mailings
Become a Science ambassador

Women in Science

The mission of the Women in Science is to provide tools of success for bright young female scientists and professionals in a collaborative environment.

Women in Science engages in academic activities that enhance educational success, research learning experiences, mentoring, and service learning and community-based activities. Women in Science fosters an environment of academic and professional development and provides a nurturing atmosphere for personal growth to female School of Science students and faculty at IUPUI. 

Learn more about Women in Science

Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR)

The Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR) was formed on the IUPUI campus in 1996 in order to increase student awareness of IUPUI alumni activities and programs. As the official IUPUI Student Ambassadors, SOAR also provides its members with experiences that enhance their education, as well as opportunities to meet alumni, faculty, staff, and students of IUPUI.

SOAR is a campus group of 30 students dedicated to strengthening the bond between current students and alumni through promoting IUPUI pride.


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