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Student in earth sciences lab

Geology Minor (IU)

Offered by: Department of Earth Sciences The minor in geology is designed to complement students majoring in another program on campus related to the earth sciences.

Why choose this program?

The minor provides a general overview and context of the basic principles and concepts of geology. Additionally, the minor is a good option for people who are interested in geology but do not wish to pursue a career in the earth sciences.

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Minor requirements

The undergraduate minor in geology requires 18 credit hours of courses: 

  • Must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) and with no grade less than a C-.  
  • At least 9 credit hours of the minor must be taken at IUPUI.
  • In addition, recommended courses include one year of college chemistry and at least one course in college algebra.

Download the check sheet and application for the Geology Minor
Students must complete the following five courses which total 12 credit hours:

  • G110 Physical Geology (3 cr.)
  • G120 Physical Geology Lab (1 cr.)
  • G335 Evolution of Earth and Life (4 cr.)
  • G221 Mineralogy (4 cr.) -OR- G306 Earth Materials (4 cr.)

Students must complete an additional 6 credit hours minimum, including two of the following courses:

  • G222 Petrology (4 cr.)
  • G304 Paleontology (3 cr.)
  • G334 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (4 cr.)
  • G406 Geochemistry (3 cr.)
  • G415 Geomorphology (3 cr.)
  • G430 Hydrology (4 cr.)
  • G451 Hydrogeology (3 cr.)
  • Another 400-level geology course (with department approval)

Apply for a minor

A decision to minor in geology should be made in consultation with a department undergraduate advisor. Students interested in the Geology or Geochemistry minor should complete the minor check sheet and application and send it to the Earth Sciences Undergraduate Advisor. Once the requirements for the minor has been completed, the minor will be noted on the student's transcript. 

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