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Seminar: Physics

Speaker: Diego Casa Location: LD 010

The Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) program at the APS 27-ID is currently one of the leading efforts of its kind in the world, offering
unprecedented energy-resolution and x-ray throughput at a wide range of absorption edges. Its main aim is to study new phenomena in complex
materials of high technological and fundamental importance arising from correlations involving electronic degrees of freedom. Currently its scientific
focus is on 5d-transition-metal-oxides (iridates, osmates, rheniates) and others, where a treasure trove of novel phenomena are expected, such as
topological band or Mott insulators, quantum spin liquids, field-induced topological order, unusual superconductivity and more. This presentation
will introduce the technique and the phenomena it can probe, as well as the cutting-edge instrumentation and optics that makes it possible.


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