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Speaker: Uttam Manna, Illinois State Location: LD 010

Light Induced Optical Magnetism

It is well-known that one can create a magnetic field by passing a DC or AC electric current through a coil of a conductor (i.e., a wire); a phenomenon described by the Maxwell?Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Can one extend the Maxwell?Faraday's law of induction to produce magnetic resonance in the optical frequencies? This would require spatially appropriate nanoscale materials and optical beams that can create instantaneous circulating current on the nanoscale. Here, I will talk about a novel approach that employs cylindrical vector beams with azimuthal polarization to create electric fields that selectively drive magnetic responses with strengths comparable to electric resonances in metal-based nanostructures.


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Refreshments at 3:00 pm in the Physics Conference Room LD 154B

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