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Speaker: Norman Chonacky, Yale Location: LD 010

Thinking about computational physics thinking for our undergraduates

IUPUI has decided to move ahead with computational integration into its undergraduate physics program. Depending on where the department is, it is likely that early questions were/are: What (content)? and How (pedagogy)? Less frequently asked is the question Why (objectives)? In this colloquium I will venture to give voice to one of these possible objectives: (computational physics) Thinking. I will offer some examples of what I personally think this Thinking to be. I would ask those attending that, in advance, give some thought to their notions of what makes computation different from theory and experiment regarding the ways they understand physics. Perhaps we can trade personal epiphany stories and have a conversation.


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Refreshments at 3:00 pm in the Physics Conference Room LD 154B

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