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Physics alumnus named Indiana Physics Teacher of the Year

Now a Roncalli High School Physics teacher, Grimes was bestowed the American Association of Physics Teachers Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award for the state of Indiana on April 22 at the University of Indianapolis.  He was selected over hundreds of candidates on the criteria of five plus years of teaching experience, innovative instructional techniques, collaboration with other teachers and leadership.

Biophysics of fish oil health benefits

INDIANAPOLIS -- A research group led by physics professor Stephen Wassall, Ph.D., in collaboration with colleagues at IUPUI and researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Wabash College, East Carolina University and other institutions seeks to answer this question. Their approach is to study model membranes that mimic biological membranes into which PUFA incorporate.
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  • School of Science announces new record number of Top 100 Students for 2017

    INDIANAPOLIS – "We congratulate all of the Top 100 honorees," said School of Science Dean Simon Rhodes. "At IUPUI and in the School of Science, our students combine academic excellence with a unique environment where they can also develop remarkable research, leadership and community engagement skills".

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    Physics Ph.D. (Purdue degree) Ph.D.

    The Ph.D. degree requires a total of 90 credit hours This includes successfully completing a core group of physics courses,...

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    Physics M.S. (Purdue degree) M.S.

    The M.S. degree requires satisfactory completion of 30 credit hours of course work at the 50000 and 60000 levels.

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    Physics Minor (Purdue) Minor

    A physics minor is a great compliment to many science degree programs.

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