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  • Seminar: Targeting AKT and HSF1 as a Novel Treatment Strategy for Breast Cancer

  • Seminar: Life in Boiling Acid

  • Seminar: Maintaining Stability: Roles of the Human CST Complex in DNA Replication Rescue

  • Seminar: Regulation of the protein phosphatase 1 targeting subunit spinophilin in Parkinson disease, psychostimulant abuse, and obesity and diabetes: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Seminar: MicroRNA-223 Suppresses NF-kB Activation in Basal Keratinocytes

  • Seminar: Studies of Cancer Metabolism using Drosophila as a Model System

  • Seminar: Physiology of Murder

  • Seminar: Is normalizing trisomic Dyrk1a sufficient to improve cognitive and skeletal Down syndrome deficits?

  • Seminar: Innovation Driven Product Discovery and Development

  • Seminar: Research Collaborations with Chemical Genomics Core Facility

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