Applied computer science minor

Designed for students pursuing degrees in the social and behavioral sciences, business, liberal arts, and health-related professions.

The applied computer science minor provides a broad introduction to the field of computer science and the tools to create technology solutions for application in your field of interest. The program includes courses in software development, data analysis, and web development.

Computer & information science Ph.D. minor

The objective of this minor is to provide an opportunity for current Indiana University doctoral students in other disciplines at IUPUI to learn and use computer science techniques and tools to solve problems in their academic fields.


If you are enrolled in any Indiana University doctoral program at IUPUI, you may apply for the Ph.D. minor.

You are required to have a background in computer science of at least CSCI 36200 - Data Structures, or an equivalent course. Please contact our graduate advisor for permission to register for courses.


The minor will require coursework totaling 12 gradute credit hours at the 500 level or above. These must include one 3-credit hour core course, and three elective computer science courses. Additional courses at the 500 level or above—such as independent studies—may be substituted for elective courses, with advance approval.

Core courses
  • CSCI 50300 - Operating Systems
  • CSCI 56500 - Programming Languages
  • CSCI 58000 - Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation
Elective courses
  • CSCI 50600 - Management of the Software Development Process
  • CSCI 54100 - Database Systems
  • CSCI 54900 - Intelligent Systems
  • CSCI 55000 - Computer Graphics
  • CSCI 55200 - Advanced Graphics & Visualization
  • CSCI 55500 - Cryptography
  • CSCI 57300 - Data Mining
Minimum overall GPA

Successful completion of the minor requires at least a B (3.0) average over all courses counting toward the minor. The minimum grade that will be accepted in any single course is C. If you receive a C- or below you must repeat the course.

Maximum number of transferable credits

If you have earned credits for one or more of the equivalent courses from another institution, you may request to apply up to a maximum of three credits toward the minor.

Maximum time for completion

All requirements for the minor must be completed within four calendar years.

Allowable credit hours prior to admission

Up to six equivalent credit hours taken prior to admission into the minor program may be applied toward the minor. Up to three of these may be from another institution.


Undergraduate minors

Please email csugrad@iupui.edu if you have any questions about our undergraduate minors.

Ph.D. minor

For inquiries about the Ph.D. minor, please contact our graduate advisor or email csgrad@iupui.edu.