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Students at computers

Computer Science Minor (Purdue)

Offered by: Department of Computer & Information Science Computer science supports progress across many other disciplines and develops problem solving, computational thinking, and abstract reasoning skills that can be used in any field.

Why choose a minor in computer science?

Designed for students from math, science, and engineering disciplines whose fields require the use and modification of sophisticated software tools, the computer and information science minor exposes students to the theoretical underpinnings of computer science and software development and can help prepare students for graduate study in computer science or another IT-related field.

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Minor requirements

The undergraduate minor in computer science requires 20 credit hours in computer science courses including:

  • CSCI 23000, 24000, 34000, 36200, and two CSCI elective courses.
    • These electives are to be taken from the approved list of electives for CSCI majors.
  • Course prerequisites must be fulfilled prior to enrollment in CSCI courses.
  • Students who have requested and received approval for the waiver of CSCI 23000, must replace that course with another CSCI major course; for such students, the minimum total computer science credit hour requirement for receiving this minor may be relaxed to 19.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 must be maintained in these courses. At least 9 credit hours of the minor must be taken at IUPUI.

Minor in Computer Science Checklist

Apply for a minor

Computer science minors are available to current IUPUI undergraduates only. Upon starting the program, students should consult an advisor, who can be reached at (317) 274-2724.  Students should apply for the minor intent to have it placed on their record.

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