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Biological Chemistry B.S. (Purdue degree)

Offered by: Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology Biochemistry is the chemistry of amino acids, proteins, polymers, enzymes, nucleic acids, lipids, cholesterol; metabolic pathways, phosphorylation.

Why choose this program?

This major is designed for students planning to attend medical or dental school, to do graduate work in biochemistry, or to seek employment in industry. The Biochemistry program also provides a rigorous and comprehensive foundation in chemistry by placing emphasis on science and mathematics and carries certification by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training. 

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What will you learn?

As a chemistry major at IUPUI, you'll be a part of small classes and an interactive learning environment with challenging material and lab work. Each year the department graduates an average of 50 majors, which means you get personal attention as you join a tight-knit group of students.

What will you do?

Our chemistry majors often cross over into other fields with great success. With a chemistry degree from IUPUI, you'll be ready to take on the world, whether as a research chemist in industry or academia or in fields such as medicine and law where the analytical and technical skills you learn as a chemistry major are highly valued.

Our chemistry students are in high demand. Top graduate programs, including M.D./Ph.D. programs, actively recruit our students, and the best employers - locally and beyond - know that our graduates are prepared to make an impact.

Research experience

An exciting feature of the chemistry program is undergraduate research. Students may choose from an array of chemistry research options that allow them to work one-on-one with world renowned faculty in a laboratory environment - as early as the freshman year! Research students benefit from personal attention and excellent academic and career advising. Learn more.

Goldwater scholar prepares for career bridging research with patient care

Devin Bready Biochemistry, Undergraduate
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