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Computer Science certificate student standing in indoor crosswalk

Applied Computer Science Certificate (Purdue)

Offered by: Department of Computer & Information Science The certificate program introduces computer science principles, develops practical skills in market-driven software applications and prepares students to be successful with emerging technologies.

Why choose this program?

The certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions in jobs such as database management, web development, multimedia, system administration, or user support. 

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What will you learn?

The certificate program introduces computer science principles, develops practical skills in market-driven software applications and prepares students to be successful with emerging technologies. Students will have the ability to solve complex problems, design and implement algorithms, apply computer science theory to practical problems, adapt to technological change and to program in at least two languages.

What will you do?

Graduates emerge armed with the technical proficiency, project management skills, communication expertise, and analytical skills needed to develop working solutions for computing challenges. Students who earn the certificate will have demonstrated they have the core competencies necessary for entry-level positions in information technology including database development, visual basic development, webmaster, multimedia development, system and network administration (including security), programmer/analyst, help desk technical support.

Who can benefit?

Students with an undergraduate degree in fields outside computer science gain significant experience with today's technologies, as well as the background to understand and to contribute to the creation of new technologies.
Supplement and enhances a primary degree program. The certificate of applied computer science is a perfect companion for students in other degree programs. For example, liberal arts students can earn a certificate of applied computer science without adding time or credit hours to their degree process. Students in liberal arts and other degree programs who are interested in the certificate are encouraged to visit an advisor to work out a plan of study.
Student Consumer Information About this Program

Certificate Requirements

Admission Requirements:

  • Candidates for this certificate are required to be formally admitted by the IUPUI Office of Admissions.
  • Current IUPUI students must have a 2.0 GPA or better for admission and enrollment in or successful completion (no grade below C-) of Math-M 118 Finite Mathematics or higher OR PHIL-P 162 Logic OR PHIL-P 265 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
  • Certificate Application (Current Students only)

Program Requirements:

  • Students are required to successfully complete 18 credit hours (six courses) to earn the certificate. 
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 for required certificate courses is required. No individual grade below a C- is acceptable.
  • At least 9 credit hours in the certificate program must be taken in the Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI.

Required Courses (18 credit hours):

  • CSCI-N 241 Fundamentals of Web Development
  • CSCI-N 301 Fundamentals of Computer Science Concepts
  • CSCI-N 361 Fundamentals of Software Project Management
  • Tier 1 Elective
  • Tier 2 Elective
  • Tier 2 Elective

Tier 1 Electives                                                                

  • CSCI-N 207 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets 
  • CSCI-N 211 Introduction to Databases
  • CSCI-N 341 Client Side Web Programming

Tier 2 Electives

  • CSCI-N 300 Mobile Computing Fundamentals
  • CSCI-N 311 Advanced Database Programming
  • CSCI-N 317 Computation of Scientific Applications
  • CSCI-N 342 Server Side Web Development
  • CSCI-N 410 Mobile Application Development
  • CSCI-N 431 E-Commerce with ASP.net
  • INFO-I 300 Human-Computer Interaction


IUPUI graduate finds opportunity to extend global reach through certificate program

Evelyn Hovee Computer Science, Undergraduate
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