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  • Science ambassadors pointing to an ambassador with a science shirt

Welcome to the Science Ambassadors!

Congratulations on wanting to become an IUPUI School of Science, Science Ambassador! We help promote the school to prospective students all over the state, while still helping at home by volunteering for the SOS's various events throughout the school year. Below you will find a quick summary of what we do for the school, and how the school can give back to us. While the information below is helpful, the best way to get involved is by participating in one of our Meet & Greets on Fridays from 12:00-1:00p.m. Get the inside details on how to get a Science Ambassador T-shirt, all of the research opportunities, and leadership skills that can only be found here!

Why join?

Moving into higher education can be a difficult process for some. Picking the right college, learning about scholarships, figuring out your place in the school. Let us help you find your place in the School of Science, by joining us in sharing our experiences to prospective students. Along the way you help people find out they can "do Science" just like everyone else. Here are some other skills to point out:

  • Meet new people
  • Contribute to the School's growth and improvement through strategic recruitment efforts--A more robust and qualified student body improves the value of your degree!
  • Develop personal leadership and communication skills 
  • Gain service experience for resume or service hours required for scholarships 
  • Networking (very active volunteers will be considered a priority and can contact Rebecca to be a reference for jobs, internships, med-school, etc.)!


Upcoming Ambassador Opportunities

Here are some of upcoming volunteer opportunities that we could use your help with: 

  • Science Jag Day @10a-1p | 5th
  • Ivy Tech Tour @3:20p-3:40p  | 7th
  • Individual Visit(Sydney) @TBA | 8th
  • Decatur School Visit @1:00p-2:45p | 9th
  • Individual Visit(Mallory) @TBA | 19th
  • Individual Visit (Megan) @10a-10:15a | 19th
  • Science Jag Day @10a-1p | 21st
  • Individual Visit(Lorelei) @TBA | 21st
  • Laser Tag!!! @TBA | 22nd
  • Ready Your Roar @10a-4p | 23rd
  • Biology Lunch with Pre-Science @10a-2p | 23rd
  • Individual Visit (Reece) @TBD | 23rd
  • Individual Visit(Garrett) @10:30a-1p | 26th
  • Individual Visit(Braden) @10:30a-1p | 26th
  • Individual Visit(Kelsey) @12:25p-1p | 28th
  • Individual(Lisa) @10a-1p | 29th
  • Ready Your Roar @10a-4p | 30th
  • Science Jag Day @10a-1p | 3rd
  • Individual Visit(Iqra) @3:30p | 3rd
  • Individual Visit(David) @TBA | 3rd
  • Destination IUPUI @3p-3:45p: | 6th
  • Science Jag Day @10a-1p | 18th
  • Destination IUPUI @3p-3:45p | 20th
  • Individual Visit(Michele) @3p-4p | 25th
  • Science Jag Day @10a-1p | 26th
  • Latino Career Day | 27th
Sign-Up for Volunteer Opportunities


Join us for a mandatory training session to learn about the different ways you can be involved in helping recruit the best and brightest students to the School of Science at IUPUI.  At the training session, you will learn:

  • about the different events we hold at the School of Science
  • how to give individual students and groups a tour of the school
  • how to handle question and answer panels
  • about our volunteer code of conduct

Science Ambassador Training
No more training sessions will be offered in Spring 2018 Semester. Contact Renee Cook at sossa@iupui.edu with questions.

Sign up for training