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Alumni & Donor Stories

Dr. Khalilah A. Shabazz
2000 Alumna, B.S. Psychology
Rosie Bonjouklian
2019 marks 20 years for the Project SEED Scholarship at IUPUI
Tim Poe
Applied Mathematics | alumnus
Tim Poe has stuck with his dream since he was 3 years old and watched a space shuttle launch on TV.
James Kendrick. Photo by Liz Kaye, IU Communications
James Kendrick
2004 Alumnus, B.S. Psychology
James Kendrick has been a fixture in IUPUI's University Library for more than 30 years, much longer than the library has been housed in the now-iconic campus building.
Bryan Ramirez, Biology, Alumni
Bryan Ramirez
Exalumno del año 2013
Inculcando la pasión por la ciencia
Chandra Flack, Physics, Alumni
Chandra Flack
2010 Alumna, B.S. Physics, M.D. Student, IU School of Medicine
If there’s a standout in every crowd, Chandra Flack is a likely candidate.
Narasha Arora, Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Alumni
Natasha Arora
2009 Alumna Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Ph.D. Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Harvard University, Post-Doc MIT
Long hours in the lab are a way of life for Natasha Arora, a School of Science alumna whose current research involves unlocking the potential of adult stem cells. It is a passion she discovered in high school.
Steve Freeland, Biology, Alumni
Steve Freeland
1984 Alumnus, B.S. Biology
Steve Freeland has never been far from medicine.
Lynn Tyler, Biology, Alumni
Lynn C. Tyler
2007 Alumni, M.S. Biology
An accomplished partner at Barnes and Thornburg LLP, in 2003 Lynn Tyler saw an opportunity to bring additional value to his firm by completing a master’s degree in biology in the School of Science at IUPUI.
Amanda Siegel
2011 Alumna, Ph.D. Chemistry, Post-Doc, IU School of Medicine
The passion for science was always there; Amanda Siegel, a former attorney and mother of three, just had to reignite it.
Ronald R. Bowsher, Chemistry, Alumni
Ronald R. Bowsher
1977 Alumnus, B.S. Chemistry
For a “how to” on forging a successful career in science or business, School of Science alumnus Dr. Ron Bowsher may be one person worth meeting.
Will Hartzell-Baird, Computer Science, Alumni
Will Hartzell-Baird
2008 Alumnus, B.S. Computer & Information Science (Pre-Law), IU School of Law
One day, a designer of computer games; the next, a student of law.
Karl Liechty, Mathematics, Alumni
Karl Liechty
2010 Alumnus, Ph.D. Mathematics, Post-Doc, University of Michigan
One would never think of discussing a math problem with a jazz musician or asking a mathematics Ph.D. to play alto sax.
Christopher Jamell, Physics, Alumni
Christopher Jamell
2010 Alumnus, B.S. & M.S. & Ph.D. Physics
After a few minutes with Chris Jamell, you begin to notice a cool confidence that belies his compact frame and earnest explanation of his work.
Gabriel Grant, Physics, Alumni
Gabriel Grant
2004 Alumnus, Ph.D. Student Industrial Environmental Management, Yale
Gabriel Grant’s resume was longer than most seasoned business professionals – before he graduated from college.
Ann Marie Hernandez wearing graduation cap
Ann Marie Hernandez
2010 Alumna, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Ann Marie Hernandez always knew she wanted to help people. Attending the School of Science at IUPUI made it possible.
Igor Minevich, Mathematics, Alumni
Igor Minevich
2009 Alumnus, B.S. Mathematics, Ph.D. Student, Brown University
A native of Ukraine, Igor and his family moved to Indiana when he was 9.
Samir Kulkami, Mathematics, Alumni
Samir Kulkami
2002 Alumnus, B.S. Mathematics
Sometimes, fate moves you down an unexpected path.
Josh Horton, Chemistry, Alumni
Josh Horton
2012 Alumnus, B.S. Chemistry, M.D./Ph.D. Student, New York University of Medicine
Growing up, Josh Horton figured the best way to help people was to go to medical school and become a doctor.
Adam Darrah, Computer Science, Alumni
Adam Darrah
2012 Alumnus, B.S Computer Science
Pursuing a career in computer science doesn’t require you to move away from Indianapolis.
Vera Krol, Computer Science, Alumni
Vera Krol
2005 Alumna, B.S. Computer Science, 2009 Alumna, M.D. IU School of Medicine
Dr. Vera Krol finds herself working in a career with the perfect combination of theory and practice, analytics and experimentation.
Jacob Layer, Biology, Chemistry, Alumni
Jacob Layer
2012 Alumnus, B.S. Chemistry, Ph.D. Student Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Harvard University
The old adage of things happening for a reason rings especially true for Jacob Layer, a recent graduate of the School of Science at IUPUI.
Marianne McKenzie, Mathematics, Alumni
Marianne Mckenzie
2011 Alumna, B.S. Mathematics, 2012 Graduate University of Oxford
Marianne McKenzie never dreamed her love of mathematics would take her very far, certainly not overseas, but the School of Science alumna learned early in her time at IUPUI the difference the right encouragement and support can make.
Lori Bebinger, Earth Sciences, Alumni
Lori Bebinger
2013 Alumna, B.S. Geology
Lori Bebinger gets frustrated when people summarize her true career passion by asking “You study rocks?”
John and Jordan Skomp, Chemistry, Alumni
Jordan and John Skomp
2011 Alumna, 2012 Alumnus
Stories of married couples meeting in college are not uncommon, but recent School of Science graduates John and Jordan Skomp have taken that old tale one step further.
Paul Nanda
1999 Alumnus, M.S. Biology
Paul Nanda lives in a world of two realities. In one, he is a dedicated family physician providing his patients in Columbus, Ohio, the best health care available.
Anthony Nastase, Chemistry, Alumni
Anthony Nastase
2013 Alumnus, B.S. Biochemistry, Ph.D. Student Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor
Recent graduate Anthony Nastase is thankful IUPUI supports initiatives like international study abroad, which helped him not only fulfill a lifelong dream but also exposed him to new and exciting cultures.
Jennifer Slaton, Chemistry, Alumni
Jennifer Slaton
2013 Alumna
Jennifer Slaton celebrated her 27th birthday recently in a grand style with a few thousand of her friends—at her college graduation.
Jennifer Romine, Biology, Alumni
Jennifer Romine
2013 Alumna, B.S. Biology, M.D. Student, IU School of Medicine
Jennifer Romine looks back on her time in the School of Science as one of great transition, an eye-opening experience she never expected.
Morgan Rhodes
2013 Alumna, B.S. Psychology
New School of Science graduate Morgan Rhodes will miss the friendships she’s forged during her years at IUPUI because she credits that strong support network with paving the way for her success.
Evan Torline, Biology, Alumni
Evan Torline
2013 Alumnus, B.S. Biology, M.D. Student, University of Louisville
Evan Torline has committed himself to helping others for most of his adult life, so it should come as no surprise the new School of Science graduate begins medical school this fall en route to a career caring for solders in the U.S. Army.
Bruce Sidner, Earth Science, Alumni
Bruce Sidner
1971 Alumnus, B.S. Geology
Bruce Sidner, one of the earliest geology alumni in the Department of Earth Sciences, credits Art Mirsky, the first department chair and longtime program supporter, for giving him encouragement and support that still resonates with him some 45 years later.
Syed Jaffery, Computer Science, Alumni
Syed Jaffery
2004 Alumnus
In the new frontier of the digital age, a world of uncharted possibilities, Syed Jaffery is applying his knowledge of computer science to help create revolutionized ways of looking at and improving healthcare.
Sandra Resnick, Psychology, Alumni
Sandra Resnick
2001 and 1998 Alumna, Ph.D. and M.S. Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
A Halloween party could be pinned as the impetus in Sandra Resnick’s pursuit in rehabilitative psychology.
Deborah Peters, Earth Sciences, Alumni
Deborah Peters
1988 Alumna, B.A. Geology
You could call her a trailblazer. When Deb Peters started her career as a geologist she entered a male-dominated field where her colleagues didn’t always trust that she possessed the same knowledge and skills.
Kyle Sloop, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Alumni
Kyle Sloop
2001 Alumnus, Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
An interest in discovery research and learning led Kyle Sloop to enroll in a few evening graduate-level classes at the School of Science while continuing his day job as an associate scientist at Eli Lilly.
Tiffnay Mcintire, Psychology, Alumni
Tiffnay Mcintire
2014 Alumna, B.A. Psychology
In the short time since graduating from IUPUI with a psychology degree in May 2014,
Marina Sharif, Chemistry, Alumni
Marina Sharif
2014 Alumna, Pre-Med
Marina Sharif did not waste a moment of her time at IUPUI as a pre-med chemistry major.
Narasha Arora, Igor Minevich, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics, Alumni
Natasha Arora and Igor Minevich
2007 Alumna, Ph.D. Brown University, 2009 Alumnus, Ph.D. Harvard University
For Igor Minevich and Natasha Arora, the IUPUI Bepko Scholarship was both a ticket to an expenses-paid education and serendipitous matchmaker.
Khalilah Shabazz, Psychology, Alumni
Khalilah Shabazz
2000 Alumna, B.S. Psychology
As an IUPUI leader and School of Science alumna, Khalilah Shabazz is a Jaguar through and through.
Ashley Riley, Chemistry, Forensics and Investigative Sciences, Alumni
Ashley Riley
2014 Alumna, B.S. Chemistry, Forensic & Investigative Sciences, Pre-Med
The transition from undergrad to medical school can be a daunting prospect, but Ashley Riley (2014 B.S. Chemistry, FIS, Pre-med) is finding time in her first year of medical school to give back with Rock For Riley.
John Kupferschmid, Mathematics, Alumni
John Kupferschmid
1978 Alumnus, B.S. Mathematics, Pre-Med
Studying mathematics may not be the most common path to a medical career, but for John Kupferschmid, M.D., it built his spatial reasoning for tasks such as crafting valves for the tiniest of hearts.
Justin Kosiba, Biology, Alumni
Justin Kosiba
2004 Alumnus, B.S. Biology, Pre-Law
A man of many talents
Mayya Buffington, Biology, Alumni
Mayya Buffington
2004 Alumna, B.A. Biology
Alumna improving patient lives with technology
Bryan Ramirez, Biology, Alumni
Bryan Ramirez
2013 Alumnus
Instilling a passion for science
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