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Give to Science

The School of Science is educating the future scientists of Indiana and the world. Our graduates are prepared for an ever-changing future, and the impact on our community is evident. In 2016-17, the School of Science awarded 774 Science degrees, a record number of graduates. We are educating Indiana's future workforce.

To continue and expand on this growth, the School of Science needs people like you. You have the power to help us grow and impact Science even more. When you make a gift to the School of Science, you are supporting those who share your passion for Science. Your gift is helping to advance scientific discovery, enhance student success through learning and research opportunities, continue internationally recognized research, and drive innovation.


of our undergraduate students come from the top ten percent of their high school classes


of Science students stay in Indiana after graduation, helping to grow the economy and advance Science in our state


in funding provided each year to Science students by the School of Science

Areas to Support

Gifts of all sizes are impactful, and the School of Science is grateful to all of our donors and partners. Giving to Science enriches instruction, provides scholarships and awards to students, and supports critical needs in the School.

  • Joseph E. Kuczkowski Student Emergency Fund - Gifts will support undergraduate students majoring in the School of Science at IUPUI who have demonstrated unexpected financial need.
  • School of Science Fund - Support to provide for critical needs in the School of Science, including visiting scholars and collaborators, recognition and support of faculty and staff, and school-wide programming.
  • Alumni Association Academic Achievement Scholarship - Provides scholarship support for a high-achieving student in the School of Science, who demonstrates leadership and service.
  • Women in Science House Fund - Supports student scholarships and programming for women in science.

Use the convenient and secure link to give online with a credit card, or set up a pledge or recurring donation.

Give Now

Gifts to any School of Science fund and Indiana University are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes. Some states offer special state tax incentives for gifts in support of higher education. Contact the School of Science Development Office or see www.myiu.org/tax-and-legal-information for more information on tax advantages of gifts to Science.

Give Now