Self-guided tour

Innovation Hall

  • Address: 625 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Building code: IO

Cross Blackford Street at the crosswalk to Innovation Hall, which will begin hosting science classes in Spring 2021. Innovation Hall will contain state-of-the-art classrooms and research spaces, including:

  • an 81-seat active learning space with movable chairs and tables
  • a 125-seat football-shaped, active two-tiered learning space
  • a 215-seat tiered lecture hall
  • science teaching and research labs
  • student collaboration and study areas

This brings us to the end of the tour. Please feel free to visit a specific department office.

Innovation Hall, at the intersection of Michigan Street and Blackford Street.

Department main offices

All department offices are located in SL or LD and will look similar to the Biology floor. The first number in the room number refers to the floor the office is on. Remember, the SL building in on the north side (closer to Michigan St.) and the LD building is on the south side. They are connected by the middle lobby with the elevators/stairs.

  • Biology: SL 306
  • Dean's Office: LD 222
  • Mathematics: LD 270
  • Chemistry & Forensic Science: LD 326
  • Earth Sciences (Environmental Science and Geology): SL 118
  • Neuroscience & Psychology: LD 124
  • Computer Science: SL 280
  • Physics: LD 154