Artificial Intelligence - Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Artificial Intelligence, or machine intelligence, is concerned with the understanding and development of intelligent software and hardware systems.

Description of the video:

AI is a vast field. It teaches about hardware and also software. As the problems become more and more complex in the real world, many of the traditional approaches of doing science and engineering are not adequate. AI is in some ways related to training computers to be smart and do tasks that have historically been done by humans. The School of Science offering the AI degree is mostly covering the software part. The software part includes learning, planning, and search algorithms. These models can sometimes detect patterns that humans really aren’t suited to do. We can’t read through millions of pieces of data, you know, and so these algorithms can sift through lots of data and discover patterns. They also can do kind of repetitive tasks. This could be recognizing a disease in an MRI image. It could be correcting grammar in a piece of text. It could be forecasting when the next earthquake is going to happen in a city. This is a new discipline, so a lot of the topics we will be covering will be fairly new. The AI degree being offered through the School of Science is training, you know, undergraduate students to be suited for jobs of the future that require AI expertise. This could be both building algorithms to do pattern recognition in images or text, or to forecast different events in the future. But, it is also going to teach them to think critically about Ai, so there’s limits to when we can and should use AI. There’s also ethical concerns, and students with kind of get training in both the quantitative side of how to use AI, but also the social science side of when and how to use AI and what might go wrong in different scenarios. There are increasing number of jobs that require data scientists, people who have the skills and knowledge to analyze data for various industries to make business as well as management decisions. Our students will be a good fit for jobs like machine learning scientists, machine learning engineers, data scientists, data science engineers, AI software engineers. Since we are giving enough emphasis on software engineering and traditional computer science courses, so they will also be very good fit for any software engineering, data analyst, these kinds of roles which we currently see existing. Our degree program in AI is one of the first, and it’ll put IUPUI on the national as well as global map for AI education. For any students or their parents out there, I would ask them, I would encourage them to look at this program and I feel that this would be a very hot program in the coming days.

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