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LHSI Application Prep Session with PREPs

Location: IP 219 (Hine Hall)
Applying for the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program (LHSI)? PREPs can help!

PREPs is hosting 1 hour prep sessions reviewing tips and resources to prepare your resume, cover letter, and essays for LHSI. Students are encouraged to bring a resume and/or cover letter draft to take notes and make edits. In addition, we encourage you to come with questions about the overall application. LHSI is open to students of any major who are current freshmen or sophomores with a minimum 2.5 GPA. 

These sessions are for School of Science, pre-science, and honors students only. Please register below.


Learn more about LHSI here: https://lhsi.iupui.edu/ 


How else can PREPs help?

In addition to the LHSI Prep Sessions, you can visit PREPs for an appointment or walk-ins for assistance with your LHSI application.


  • Attend an LHSI Prep Session (facilitated by PREPs)

Beginning February 3, these group sessions will offer tips and resources to help you prepare your LHSI resume, cover letter, and essays. Sessions will be held in Hine Hall (IP) 219 on Mondays and Thursdays at varying times. To view exact times and register, please visit REGISTER .


  • Schedule a 1:1 appointment

PREPs offers 30 minute LHSI appointments! To schedule an appointment, go to SSC on https://one.iu.edu/ and select "Get Advising", then Science PREPs, and finally select LHSI Application Prep.


  • Stop by during LHSI walk-in hours

PREPs will have walk-in hours just for LHSI assistance on Thursdays in February from 2 to 4 PM where you can sit with an advisor and have your LHSI materials reviewed, receive feedback, and get questions answered.


  • Stop by during PREPs general walk-in hours

General walk-ins are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4 PM and are limited to 15 minutes.

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